Water Well Drilling – Old School

by DrillingFormulas.Com on April 19, 2015

I am not sure which country. This is how they actually drill a water well with very old school method.

Basically from what I’ve seen from the footage, it has the set up which is similar to a drilling rig. There is a circulating hose connected at the top. One man rotates the tubular and this represents a rotating system on the rig as a rotary table or top drive. Since there is no weight (I guess), one man stand on top of the tubular while being rotated in order to apply weight down hole in order to make a hole. The return is back from the annulus to surface and this is similar to mud circulating system.

30 old school water well drilling

This is very interesting to learn how people use their tool to drill a water well. I think they don’t know how to drill like us but they know how the basic system should be.

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5 Useful Oilfield Resume Templates

by DrillingFormulas.Com on April 18, 2015

Your oilfield resume is one of the most important parts to get interviewed for oil and gas jobs. With current oil price, it is even harder to get hired into this industry and a lot of people are looking for new positions because of this slow down trend. However, there are still plenty of positions in oilfield but you need be outstanding from groups of people.

free resume template

How Can I Do That?

You need to write a professional resume definitely and you can find how to write excellent oilfield resume from here –

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Stripping Procedure with Volumetric Control For Migrating Kick

by DrillingFormulas.Com on April 18, 2015

With gas kick in the well, the conventional stripping method is not application because it won’t account for the gas migration and expansion; therefore, the special stripping procedure, Stripping with Volumetric Control, will be utilized for this case. This procedure is designed to strip the drill string back into the well with gas influx while the bottom hold pressure is maintained nearly constant.

Figure 1 - Stripping With Volumetric Control

 Figure 1 - Stripping With Volumetric Control


The Stripping with Volumetric Control procedures are as follows;

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Open Hole Fishing VDO Training

by DrillingFormulas.Com on April 13, 2015

Open hole fishing is one of the most critical operations in drilling. It involves a lot of expertise and experience of the personnel. This VDO by Weatherford Fishing Services demonstrates you about the open hole fishing. This is highly recommended for you to watch it. Additionally, the full VDO transcript is provided.



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This article will teach you about the stripping procedure for non-migrating kick. This procedure is used to strip to desired depth but it won’t account for volumetric bleed therefore it is mainly applicable for stripping with non-migrating kicks as water or oil.

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Safety is Always !!!

It was a very sad oilfield incident and these are NEWS from two sources, AP and reuter.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A fire erupted Wednesday at an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, killing four workers, injuring 16 and forcing the evacuation of 300, Mexico’s state-owned oil company said.

A survivor of the blaze on the Abkatun Permanente platform in the Campeche Sound said workers “jumped into the sea out of desperation and panic.”

“There was nothing you could do but run,” said Roger Arias Sanchez, an employee of Petroleos Mexicanos’ contractor Cotemar who escaped the burning platform in an evacuation boat. He spoke in Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche state, where most of the injured and evacuated workers were taken.

GOM Offshore Oil Platform Rig Explosion - Alfa Platform Pemex Oil  - 300 Evacuated1 [click to continue…]

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Oilfield Acronym Spreadsheet

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 31, 2015

You may get confused when you see a lot of oilfield acronym used for oil and gas industry so we would like to make your life easier by collecting oilfield abbreviations in both Microsoft Excel and PDF files. There are a total of 2,428 acronyms related in oil and gas industry.

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The Fastest Running Casing Speed on The Planet!!!

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 26, 2015

Running casing is one of the most critical parts of drilling operation therefore people want a safe and efficient running casing operation. Without proper safeguard in place, the casing run can be fast like this but it was not a successful job.

From this VDO, it seems like the surface casing was run into the well but there was something wrong on the rig floor that resulted in dropping casing into the wellbore. We share this vdo because we would like to promote safe work place and let us learn from it.

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In the previous articles, we discuss about the stripping operation and techniques with non-migratable kicks as oil and water kick. This article will focus on the stripping operation with gas influx and we are going to describe some additional considerations that you need to account for. Gas kick is different from the liquid kicks because gas can naturally migrate. The gas migration affects the stripping operation because increase in casing pressure due to gas migration must be taken into considerations.

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Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 17, 2015

You need to watch this VDO. In just few seconds, the incident was occurred because the driller did not turn off a mud pump before breaking out the connection.

What Went Wrong?

– The driller did not pay attention to the operation.
– Stored energy of hydraulic pressure

How Can We Prevent This Situation?

– Raise awareness of people working on the rig
– Always check the pump status before starting any operation
– People working on the rig floor are required to check the pipe to see if the flow still continues
– Use a pneumatic mud bucket
– Watch out for each other

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