You Need To Watch This – Dropped Casing Incident

by DrillingFormulas.Com on November 23, 2014

Dropped object is one of the most dangerous accidents on the rig therefore we would like to share this footage so you need to watch this. This short VDO can change your life.


You really need to watch this.

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Magnetic and gravity tooสface are terms in directional drilling world to describe the direction of the well. They are different in meaning and application therefore this article will teach you about these terminologies and how to read it.


Magnetic Toolface
The magnetic toolface is an angle projection onto the horizontal plane between the tool face and magnetic north. Typically, directional tools use the magnetic tool face when the inclination is less than 5 degree. The Figure 1 demonstrates that the mud motor is lined up to kick off at 30 degree azimuth magnetic.

Figure 1 - Magnetic Toolface
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There are several terms/acronyms about maximum surface pressure in well control such as MASP, MISICP and MAASP. These terms sometimes confuses a lot of people hence this article will explain each term and demonstrate how to use it.


Leak Off Test (LOT)

The first factor you need to understand is Leak of test pressure (LOT). LOT is the surface pressure that breaks down formation at a casing shoe for each section of the well.

Leak off test pressure formula is listed below;

Leak off test pressure, psi = Surface pressure to break formation, psi + Hydrostatic pressure, psi

Typically, leak off test pressure is describe in equivalent mud density term therefore the formulas will be like this

Leak off test pressure, ppg = (Surface pressure to break formation, psi ÷ 0.052 ÷ shoe TVD, ft) + Mud weight, ppg [click to continue…]


My condolences to the Family regarding this bad incident (Fatality Incident in Colorado- Fracking Accident Kills 1 Halliburton crew member and two were injured at Weld County Site). We’ve seen a lot of catastrophic incident about the fracking job and we would like to emphasize everybody about the trapped pressure potential. This can happen very quickly. These are some NEWS on internet that we collect for everybody and we wish the industry would learn from the failure to make the safer work place.

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My friend, Robert, forward my an email chain about dropped Top Drive and Travelling Block. It was scary and I felt deeply sorry for everybody. I would like to know where there were happened and their details because I just got only photos with few wordings. I want to learn about these incidents and to be able to share the right stories to my colleagues so we can have the safe workplace while working on the rig. Each photo has the number assign. If you know each particular photo, please feel free to leave me some comments so I can share it later with the team.



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Arabdrill 19 Collapse Incident

by DrillingFormulas.Com on November 10, 2014

Expect for unexpected.  Arabdrill 19  incident is one of the oilfield disasters which you should learn from it. I would like to share you about this because it will help you learn from the past. It is such a very dangerous condition while working in the field because there are several unknown factors so we need to do the proper risk assessment, fully understand the task, follow the rule/procedure and don’t feel free to stop the task if it is unsafe. The detail below is about the Arabdrill 19.

Arabdrill 19 was made by Promet in Singapore on 1982, the AD19 was initially known as Sedneth 202 and it was under contract to Aramco working offshore Saudi. It was vindicated through studies and reports that the jack-up was situated over a production platform wherein it was apparent that a leg happened to buckle and get entangled which caused the breakdown of the AD19 on the platform. Although the information is not very clear, it is apparent that the catastrophe caused the platform’s production tree to be pruned off which triggered a blast and explosion followed by fire which resulted in the submersion of the jack-up as well as the platform.


The owner of the rig, Schlumberger stated that several people were injured in the catastrophe; however there were no reported deaths. Various other reports noted 3 casualties due to the explosion. The leading reason of the occurrence of the accident was the leg jabbing out through the seabed, and it was reported a 100% loss. Later, The AD19 was restored and held for resale by Rig Masters.


Dull Bit Grading Handbook – Great for Your Reference

by DrillingFormulas.Com on November 6, 2014

Dull bit grading is a standard method to grade the bit and it will also help personnel to understand bit performance better. However, it is sometimes very difficult to understand the meaning of the codes showing in the grading because you’ve never seen these dull characteristics before.   Especially, there are new people who start to work in the oilfield therefore it is very critical to have them learn the correct way to do the bit grading in a short period of time.


One of my friends shares this very useful dull bit grading created by Smith Bit company and I can say that this is an excellent book to help you grade the bit correctly.

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Trip Tank and Its Importance to Well Control

by DrillingFormulas.Com on November 2, 2014

Trip tank is a small tank which has a capacity of 20 – 50 bbl and its shape is tall and shallow because it can effectively detect volume changes. The trip tank system has the ability to continuously fill the well and take return back to the tank. With this capability, it will keep the hole full all the time and the volume changes either increasing or decreasing can tell the condition of the well.


The diagram (Figure 1) below demonstrates how the trip tank is lined up.

25 Trip Tank and Its Importance on Well Control 1

Figure 1 – Trip Tank Line Up To Continuously Fill The Hole

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This is the oilfield incident resulting in our friend working on the rig got killed. It is very important that we need to heavily focus on the safety. Every year, people get injured due to several causes while working in the oilfield. For this case, there are several contributing factors the high pressure, line of fire, equipment inspection, etc. We want you to work safely for yourself and your family.


A high-pressure gate valve that came off a leaky standpipe on a Cyclone rig north of Parachute early in the evening of Oct. 21 struck and killed Shane Hill, 34, of Grand Junction and blew his body 6 feet away from the valve, a state report says.
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Know about Swabbing and Well Control

by DrillingFormulas.Com on October 27, 2014

There are several situations when a kick is induced by swabbing effect. Today, we are going to discuss swabbing and well control situation. Swabbing is a condition when the string is pulled out of the well and it creates temporary bottom hole pressure reduction. If the hydrostatic pressure reduction is large enough to create underbalance condition, the well will eventually flow.


When you swab the fluid in, the swabbed fluid may not necessarily cause pit gain or the well flowing because the volume swabbed in is not significant. However, if you have several swabbed-in fluid, the well will finally flow.

Figure 1 - Take Swabbed Kick

Figure 1 – Take Swabbed Kick

It is quite tricky to recognize the swabbing volume and the most trustable method to detect is by tracking hole fill volume. For example, if the volume displacement for 10 stands pulled is 8 bbl but the hole fill volume is just only 6 bbl, 2 bbls of kick may possibly be swabbed in while tripping out. Once the swabbing is detected, you need to trip back to the bottom and circulate bottom up even though the well is not flowing. If you don’t go back to the bottom, it will be very difficult to control the well off bottom once the swabbed gas moves up to shallower depth of the well. [click to continue…]