What is the difference between a hazard and risk?

You may have heard about hazard and risk all the time while you are working either in the office or in the field.

Do you really know what the differences between these two terms are?


 Is it easy question?  A lot of the time hazard and risk are freely used as a same thing however it is apparently not.  In oil and gas industry, these two terms are very vital to know and understand. Continue reading

Review Offshore Book 2014 – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry

The “Offshore Book – an overview of the offshore oil & gas industry” is one of the best ebook about offshore oil and gas industry. This book is belong to http://www.offshoreenergy.dk/.


This book is an introduction to offshore oil and gas industry and it is written in a simple language in order to educate people about offshore industry. This book is a very good start for new engineers, university students, non-technical personnel; however, there are some topics that is still excellent for experience workforces. The content is based on North Sea and Danish conditions but it is still applicable for any offshore workplaces. Continue reading

Vibration Mechanisms In Drillstring by SperrySun

Vibration in drillstring is one of major downtime associated with drilling operation. Therefore, it is very important to learn and understand what each vibration mechanism is. This VDO created by Sperry Drilling Services well explains various of vibration modes that is happened downhole with the drillstring. You can watch the VDO here and we also provide full VDO transcription to help learns get more understanding about the content if the learners cannot catch all wordings from this VDO.

Full VDO Transcript Continue reading

5 Ways NOT to Get the Attention of Hiring Managers in Oil and Gas Jobs

The increasingly competitive oil and gas career of today has made it quite difficult to stand out among large numbers of applicants all boosting same qualifications and skills. For this reason, the job applicants do everything in their capacity to attract the attention of hiring managers. It might sound great but as too much can be bad for anything.

All oilfield job candidates have same 3 goals: Capture the attention of a hiring manager, go good in interview, and land a job. But, in case you fail in first one, you will fail all of them.


Following are 5 don’ts, why they did not work and lastly what one should do.

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