The Fastest Running Casing Speed on The Planet!!!

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 26, 2015

Running casing is one of the most critical parts of drilling operation therefore people want a safe and efficient running casing operation. Without proper safeguard in place, the casing run can be fast like this but it was not a successful job.

From this VDO, it seems like the surface casing was run into the well but there was something wrong on the rig floor that resulted in dropping casing into the wellbore. We share this vdo because we would like to promote safe work place and let us learn from it.

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In the previous articles, we discuss about the stripping operation and techniques with non-migratable kicks as oil and water kick. This article will focus on the stripping operation with gas influx and we are going to describe some additional considerations that you need to account for. Gas kick is different from the liquid kicks because gas can naturally migrate. The gas migration affects the stripping operation because increase in casing pressure due to gas migration must be taken into considerations.

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Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 17, 2015

You need to watch this VDO. In just few seconds, the incident was occurred because the driller did not turn off a mud pump before breaking out the connection.

What Went Wrong?

– The driller did not pay attention to the operation.
– Stored energy of hydraulic pressure

How Can We Prevent This Situation?

– Raise awareness of people working on the rig
– Always check the pump status before starting any operation
– People working on the rig floor are required to check the pipe to see if the flow still continues
– Use a pneumatic mud bucket
– Watch out for each other

What Do You Think on How To Prevent This?



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10 Tips to Make a Career in an Oilfield For New Personnel

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 15, 2015

Oil rig is basically a man made platform that is used for off-shore or land drilling. As an oil rig worker, one can work on both platforms, and is responsible for several tasks that are related to safely oil drilling. Usually the workers work for 14- 21 days at a stretch, prior to getting a shore relief. Apart from regular wages, the workers get all sort of facilities ranging from food, boarding and travel expenses. However, to get a job in oil rig as a rookie is quite difficult, because most of the oil rig managers seek for experience. Below we have mentioned some pointers that may come handy while trying to seek for a job in oil rig industry.

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Drilling Formulas Application Needs Your Feedback

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 10, 2015

In order to improve this application and fix some errors that we may not see, we need your help to send us your feedback about “Drilling Formulas Application”. You can give us any comments about this app (good, bad, need improvement) and we will try the best to do it even though app programming is not our expertise.


Please feel free to send email to, leave comment on Facebook, Google+, or put some comments on this post.

Your help will be very useful for us.

In the future, we have plan to add several related drilling formulas in several topics as bit calculations, well control, snubbing, bullheading, etc. Please download this app into your Android mobile device so you will get an update automatically once we update this app.

Note: we don’t have the IOS version yet.



Many people ask us about the definitions of the various generations of offshore drilling rigs.The details below consist of definition of offshore rig types and meaning of rig generations. This will help you get more understanding so when you hear about this drillship is 5th generation rig and you will know right away what it means.

offshore rig definition



Jackups are mobile, self-elevating drilling platforms that are equipped with moveable legs. Jackups are towed to a drilling site by tug boats before the unit lowers its legs to the seabed and then jacks up the hull to elevate it above the sea level, after which drilling operations can begin. The units are used exclusively for shallow water exploration and production drilling.

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Kick Penetration For Stripping Operation

by DrillingFormulas.Com on March 2, 2015

Height of influx will increase when the drillstring penetrates a kick; therefore, hydrostatic pressure decreases and casing pressure increases in order to compensate this situation.


If the casing is maintained constant while penetrating the kick, you will have high chance to take more influx because of underbalance situation (Figure 1). This article will teach you about how to determine pressure increment while penetrating into the kick, what to look for, etc. [click to continue…]


Excellent Rig Component Illustration

by DrillingFormulas.Com on February 28, 2015

This is one of the best rig component illustrations which show you many components of the rig with some useful descriptions.

rig component-cover

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Offshore Deepwater Drilling and Completion in 5 Minutes

by DrillingFormulas.Com on February 23, 2015

This is excellent oilfield footage about the overall process of offshore deepwater drilling and completion. It has about 5 minutes with good animation that will give you clearer picture of how the deepwater operation works from the beginning.

We also add VDO transcription for anybody who cannot catch all the content of the VDO. [click to continue…]

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Shallow Gas Hazard in Well Control – Sedco 700 Shallow Gas Incident

by DrillingFormulas.Com on February 17, 2015

Shallow gas is one of the most dangerous incidents in well control because you don’t have the BOP set to be able to control the well. Additionally, shallow gas always happens at the shallow depth as surface hole section where you will have a difficulty to control the well. This footage below show you how serious of the shallow gas in an offshore environment.

Sedco 700 Shallow Gas Blow Out 6 June 2009

Additional details about shallow hazards that you need to know.

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