Advantages and Disadvantages of Driller’s Method

Many topics of driller’s method have been taught on the and I would like to summarize about advantages and disadvantages of driller’s method.

Advantages  of Driller’s Method


• Circulation can be established right away so the bottom hole pressure will not increase much due to gas migration.

• Influx can be removed out of the well even though the rig does not have sufficient amount of weighting agent.

• Gas migration is minimized.

• Operation is quite simple when compared to weight and weight method.

• Calculation is simple and drill pipe pressure schedule is not required.

Disadvantages of Driller’s Method


• There will be more time for circulation because the driller’s method requires 2 times of circulation. The first circulation is to remove influx and the second circulation is to kill the well.

• It will generate higher surface pressure and shoe pressure than wait and weight method.

Reference book: Well Control Books

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