Animal You Caught While Working in the Oilfield

We have a post in Facebook Fanpage ( about animal that you cauguth while you were working in the field.  There are many people participating in this discussion so we would like to share some images sharing from our Facebook friends.

Riduan Ibrahim

Ernie Romero


David Calderon

Andrew Rose

Ray Rodriguez Lagunes

Hafizi Muhammad

Barry Ruxton

Awad Al Aqeed

Joakim Hopmark Gujord

Chinedu K. Anyiam

محمد ابوادريس

Rudy Martyono

Eli Robinson

Carlos Rodríguez

You can share your photos from this link –

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One Response to Animal You Caught While Working in the Oilfield

  1. There are so many and different animals that we can detected while working at the rig site in many world wide áreas were its so esy to find out several type of fauna with high risk to be out of inventory, We have to take care of this, we have very big and wide responsabilities concerning to.

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