Calculate Specific Gravity (SG) in oilfield unit

You may need to calculate specific gravity from different density or pressure gradient units. This post demonstrates you about specific gravity calculation and specific gravity formulas frequently used in oilfield business.

1. Calculate specific gravity using mud weight in PPG


Specific gravity formula : Specific Gravity (SG) = mud weight in ppg ÷ 8.33

Fluid = 13.0 ppg
Specific Gravity (SG) = 13.0 ppg ÷ 8.33
Specific Gravity (SG)= 1.56

2. Calculate specific gravity using pressure gradient in psi/ft


Specific gravity formula : Specific Gravity (SG) = pressure gradient in psi/ft ÷ 0.433

Example: pressure gradient = 0.50 psi/ft
Specific Gravity (SG) = 0.50 psi/ft ÷ 0.433
Specific Gravity (SG) = 1.15

3. Calculate specific gravity using mud weight in lb/ft3


Specific gravity formula : Specific Gravity (SG) = mud weight in lb/ft3 ÷ 62.4

Example: Mud weight = 90 lb/ft3
Specific Gravity (SG)= 90 lb/ft3÷ 62.4
Specific Gravity (SG) = 1.44

Please also find the Excel Sheet: Specific Gravity Calculation Sheet

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