Drilling an oil well from surface drilling to completion – video training

This is one of excellent training video demonstrating the drilling process from start at surface casing to completing of the well in less than 7 minutes. This would be a good tool to teach people about drilling in our oil and gas industry. We also provide video transcription in order to help learners understand the content easily. If you love this content, please feel free to share with your friends.

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Well in an Unbalanced Condition (Video)

The well is in an underbalanced condition while pulling out of hole. You can see in the video below that the fluid is flowing up from the drill pipe side. It is such very important to understand the condition of the well and have the plan to deal with it.


These are some thought about this situation from our member in the Facebook fanpage.

Hossam Hamza – Looks like it was failed balanced cement plug job, I see long cement chiksan line on rig floor and circulating head connected with low TQ valve above 1 joint DP in mouse hole, the back flow due to over displacement. Is my guess right???? Continue reading

Shell has started production from the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas project, the Stones development in the Gulf of Mexico

Shell has started production from the Stones development in the Gulf of Mexico, the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas project.

When fully ramped up at the end of 2017, the development is expected to produce approximately 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd), the company informed in a statement.

“Stones is the latest example of our leadership, capability and knowledge, which are key to profitably developing our global deep water resources. Our growing expertise in using such technologies in innovative ways will help us unlock more deep water resources around the world,” Royal Dutch Shell Upstream Director, Andy Brown, said.

The project, fully owned and operated by the supermajor, is Shell’s second producing field from the lower tertiary geologic frontier in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the company, it features a more cost-effective well design, requiring less material and lower installation costs, which is expected to offer a US$1 billion (£749.38 million) reduction in well costs.

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Very Interesting Technology – Versabar Claw Lift VB 10000 (Heavy Lift Catamaran)

We read about very interesting heavy lift catamaran named VB 10000. The VB 10,000 consists of two 240′ tall lift gantries joined to twin 300′ by 72′ barges to form a catamaran. The gantries are connected to the barges by patented articulated pins which decouple barge motion from the gantries. The vessel is equipped with a Class 3 DP system consisting of four 1,000 HP thrusters in each barge which enable it to maneuver on site and hold station in any water depth over 35 feet. The VB 10,000’s four 2,000-ton heavy lift blocks are paired with custom-engineered 400-ton hydraulic winches which may be operated independently or in a synchronized manner.

versabar vb10000 lift

You can watch videos below to see how it works.

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