Cutting Carrying Index – Simple Tool To Determine Hole Cleaning

To get the good idea on how good of the hole cleaning is, the another method called Cutting Carrying Index (CCI) is utilized. The CCI is an empirical relationship from real data and the equation is below:


AV is annular velocity in ft/min.

MW is mud weight in ppg.

K is a Power Law Constant.

The Power Law constant (K) can be calculated from the equation below:


PV is plastic viscosity in centipoises.

YP is yield point in lb/100sqft

n is flow behavior index.

The flow behavior index (n) can be determined by the following equation:


PV is plastic viscosity in centipoises.

YP is yield point in lb/100sqft

How will the CCI tell you about hole cleaning?

If CCI is equal to 0.5 or less, the hole cleaning is poor and the hole problem may be seen.

If CCI is equal to 1.0 or greater, it indicates that the hole cleaning is good.

Please follow the example to determine CCI.

Mud Weight = 9.2 ppg

Annular Velocity = 140 ft/min

Plastic viscosity = 17 cp

Yield Point = 15 lbs/100 sq ft

Determine “n”

n= 0.61472

Determine “K”

K = 353.71


CCI = 1.14

From the given drilling parameters, the hole cleaning is excellent.

Reference books: Drilling Fluid Books

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8 Responses to Cutting Carrying Index – Simple Tool To Determine Hole Cleaning

  1. Ramiro Rivera C says:

    Is this equation in vertical and directional wells, work well?

  2. Marcel Garcia says:

    If the CCI is between 0.5 and 1.0, it means i have a not so good hole cleaning?

  3. John Ure says:


    To calculate the CCI value of 1.14 you need the denominator to be 400,000 and not 400,00 as shown in your example.

  4. ibrahim says:

    i want to know the method to calculate the hole capacity for the cutting and the number of cutting boxed that we will need .

  5. Stanley says:

    the CCI concept is very interesting. i am a masters student in petroleum engineering. i want to start my thesis but i really don’t know which direction to go. i want to work on hole cleaning and cutting transport based on mud hydraulics for directional/horizontal drilling.
    please can you help on what direction i can work on.


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