Free Promotion Download Well Control Quiz Book: Basic Concept of Well Control

Today, we would like to have a free download promotion for our Kindle well control book – Well Control Quiz Book: Basic Concept of Well Control.



This promotion will be only 3 days from 11-Dec-12 to 14-Dec-12.  This promotion will be end at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on 14-Dec-12.

Please click this link to see the download page


Once you open the page in Amazon, you will see the screen like this



You click at the right corner showing “Buy now with 1-Click”.



Then this Kindle book “Well Control Quiz Book: Basic Concept of Well Control” will be automatically transferred to your kindle device / account. You don’t need to have the kindle device. You can have the tablet like as Kindle tabletsIpadSumsung Galaxy Tab, etc.


If you don’t have the kindle device, you still can download the kindle program. Read this article “How To Read the Kindle Books on Your Personal Computer” for more information.

smileyPlease leave us a good feedback if you like our book.


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9 Responses to Free Promotion Download Well Control Quiz Book: Basic Concept of Well Control

  1. Edward H. Tikoalu says:

    Pity it’s not available in my area (Asia & pacific region).

    I bet it’s a good Book !

  2. Mohammed says:

    The same problem here , it is not available in my area ( middle east ) , could you please do something for this problem 🙁

  3. Mohammed says:

    a friend of mine in america tried buying it for me it says 2.99 $ , although the offers is still available



  5. Andrew loritit says:

    it is a good variety that en hence people with skills will I b able to get a free copy..

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