Increase mud weight by adding barite

Weight up is the critical operation while drilling so we need to know how to weight up with weighting agent such as barite, calcium carbonate, hematite, etc. I have separate about mud calculation into several sub topic so you can follow each topic easily. This time I will demonstrate how to calculate how many sacks of barite needed to increase mud weight in ppg with barite. (average specific gravity of barite – 4.2)

The formula for weight up with barite is listed below:
Sacks of Barite per 100 bbl of mud = 1470 x (W2 – W1) ÷ (35 – W2)

Where; W1 = current mud weight

W2 = new mud weight

Example: Determine the number of sacks of barite required to increase the density of

100 bbl of 10.0 ppg (W1) mud to 13.0 ppg (W2):

Sacks of Barite per 100 bbl of mud = 1470 x (13.0 – 10.0) ÷ (35 – 13.0)

Sacks of Barite per 100 bbl of mud = 200.5 sacks
If you have total volume of 500 bbl of mud, the barite required to increase mud weight from 10.0 ppg to 13.0 ppg is 1,002.5 sacks (200.5×500/100).

Please find the Excel sheet used for weighting up with Barite.

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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