J-Lay Pipeline Installation

J-Lay pipeline installation method is frequently used in deep water pipeline installation. The curvature of pipe line is similar to J shape (Figure 1) while the subsea pipeline is being installed. J-Lay method can handle a full range of pipeline size and it is particularly suitable for deep water pipeline installation up to 2,000 m (6,560 ft).  Furthermore, the J-Lay method can withstand higher underwater current and sea state than the S-Lay method.

The J-lay method puts less stress on the pipe line because the pipeline is installed in an almost vertical position. Whereas the S-lay method puts on more stress due to two curvatures at the sag bend and over-bend region. The pipeline is sent into water at a small angle reference to a vertical line and continues at a steep angle until a sag bend is formed.

Figure 1- J-Lay pipeline vessel

Figure 1- J-Lay pipeline vessel

This works very well in deep water environment where distance from a vessel to a touchdown point is quite far because sag bend is not too much. If the short distance from a vessel to a touchdown point.

This video demonstrates how J-Lay method works.


Example of a J-Lay Pipe Vessel

Saipem 7000 Lay Barge

J-Lay tower handles quadruple jointed pipe

Laid Blue Stream twin pipeline across Black Sea:

− Maximum water depth 2,150 m BMSL.

− Pipeline OD = 24”. WT 1.25”

Heavy lift cranes rated at 14,000 mT.

Saipem 7000 Lay Barge


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