Maximum formation pressure that can be controlled when we shut the well in

You know about kick tolerance factor from previous section and you can use it to determine the maximum formation pressure which can be controlled when the well is shut in.

This equation below demonstrates you how to calculate it.

Maximum formation pressure = (kick tolerance factor + current mud weight) x 0.052 x TVD of the well


Maximum formation pressure in psi

kick tolerance factor in ppg

current mud weight in ppg

TVD of the well in ft

It tells us that if you have bottom hole pressure more than this value, you have a chance to break formation.

Use the following information to determine the maximum formation pressure when shut in

kick tolerance factor = 1.8 ppg

current mud weight = 9.8 ppg

Depth of the well = 10,100’MD/9,500’TVD

Maximum formation pressure = (1.8 + 9.8) x 0.052 x 9500

Maximum formation pressure the can be controlled when shut the well in = 5730 psi.

Please find the calculation sheet >>> Maximum formation pressure that can be controlled when we shut the well in

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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  1. George B. Heckler says:

    You need to then calculate the kick tolerance factor at the shoe and then use the lesser of the two.

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