Oilfield Funny – I Know You Will Love It

I have collected some oilfield funny pictures which will make you laugh. The latest update on 18-Jan-15

New design of offshore rig


Oilfield Career in Different Functions in the Oilfield.

cute oilfield cartoon

Petroleum engineer

petroleum engineer

Chinese gas detector – Look at the picture. It seems like the driller close to the rotary table more than the chicken.

This is how oil and gas occur under the ground.

My salary


What will happen if you left school?

left school

Oilfield Training

What My Friends Think I Do - Oilfield Training

Oil & Gas Industry

What My Friends Think I Do - oil-and-gas-industry2

Oilfield Company Man

What My Friends Think I Do - Company Man


What My Friends Think I Do - geology

Field Engineers

What My Friends Think I Do - Field Engineer

Oil Man

What My Friends Think I Do - Oil Man

Rig Wives

What My Friends Think I Do - Rig Wives


Oil & Gas Industry V2 

What My Friends Think I Do - Oil and Gas Industry

This is geology people 😀

I wish you will have fun with these photos : D

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2 Responses to Oilfield Funny – I Know You Will Love It

  1. Rod Moore says:

    A little more Humor is What we Need. I’m sick of the doom, gloom & politics.

  2. Mohamed Ali says:

    Thank you for this nice joke ,it is necessary to ease pressure today

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