Stuck Pipe Summary

I have posted several stuck pipe articles and I would like to summarize all articles in one page so you can use it for future reference.

Stuck pipe categories

There are 3 categories of stuck pipes as follows:

1. Packing off and bridging: There are seven cases in this category.

Cutting settling in near well bore wells and cutting setting in deviated wells

Shale instability

Unconsolidated formations

Fractured formations

Soft cement

• Cement Blocks


2. Differential sticking: There is only one case in this category.

Differential sticking

3. Wellbore geometry: There are six cases in this category.

Stiff bottom hole assembly

Key seat

Micro doglegs


Mobile formations

Undergauge hole

Hydro-Pressured Shale

Geo-Pressured Shale

Overburden Stress

Tectonic Stress

Unconsolidated Formation

These following articles demonstrate how to free stuck pipe for particular circumstance.

How To Free Stuck Pipe Caused By Wellbore Geometry

How To Free Stuck Pipe Caused By Differential Sticking

How To Free Stuck Pipe Caused by Bridging off and Packing off

If you want to know where the stuck pipe is, the stuck depth calculation articles are as follows:

Determine the feet of free pipe using table

Determine free point constant (FPC)

Determine how many feet of free pipe without free pipe constant table

Lastly, I wish you would enjoy this stuck pipe summary page. Please keep it for a reference.


John Mitchell Drilbert Engineering, 2002. Trouble-Free Drilling Volume 1: Stuck Pipe Prevention. Edition. Drilbert Engineering Inc. 1999. Stuck Pipe Prevention Self-Learning Course. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 June 2016].


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