Perro Negro 6 Jack Up Rig Capsized and Sank – Oilfield Safety

Perro Negro 6 Incident – Jack up rig capsized and sank was happen few year ago but we would like to share this case as a case study. You can watch what happen in the video below.

It is clearly seen that the rig capsized and sank in just few minutes. Jack up rig move is one of the most hazardous operation. Before a rig is moved, total number of people on board will be kept at minimum for operating the operation and non essential personnel will not be allowed on the rig.   There are several considerations that rig contractors and operators must be agreed before commencing any rig move operation. For this case, we would like to emphasize that even though all safety is in place, the bad thing can be happened.

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Useful Oilfield E-book That You Can Download Them for Free

This post will give you the guideline about the useful oilfield ebook that you can download it for free. There are variety of subjects which you may have a look in the following details;


Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry Free-E-Book---Project-Management-for-the-Oil-and-Gas-Industry

Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry A World System Approach written by Adedeji B. Badiru and Samuel O. Osisanya is one of the best project management books/e-books in oil and gas industry.

Upstream Oil & Gas Overview SlidesUpstream-Oil-&-Gas-Overview-Slides

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) share another good presentation about upstream oil and gas overview. This is an excellent document which will help people understand more about oil and gas industry. Continue reading

Safety First

Safety is one of core values in oil and gas industry. There are a lot of emphasizing on safety while you are in a work place as drilling rigs, production facilities, oil offloading tankers, etc. However, we can see in many situations that safety are not recognized or even considered.  There are several in everyday life where people don’t think about how to work safe or they think these situations are safe in their thoughts. Therefore, we would like to share some images which we would like to use them to raise safety awareness in every day life. Please feel free to share with your friends or colleagues. Moreover, if you have any comments, please feel free to share with us.

Safety is for everyone. Let’s work safe and help people work safe 🙂

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Role of Body Language for Oilfield Career Success

From our informal exchanges with strangers to more formal exchanges with our associates, one can show what he/she is or is not to people with just little gestures and actions. For people who want to work in oilfield, body language is very important and it is one of getting hired by oilfield companies. There are a lot of people fail to this point.   This is can be applied to someone who has been in the oilfield but does not have any good progress in their career but their futures are not bright.

Positive body language is always a part of confident and successful people but a gentle reminder will be required for others. These are some important rules of body language that will help you progress in your job.

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