Buoyancy Factor with Two Different Fluid Weights in The Well

Buoyancy Factor is the factor that is used to compensate loss of weight due to immersion in drilling fluid and you can find more information from this article > buoyancy factor calculation .  In that article, it demonstrates the buoyancy formula only for one fluid in the wellbore. However, this time, we will have the details about buoyancy factor when inside and outside fluid are different.

Buoyancy factor with different fluid inside and outside of tubular is listed below;

equation 1


Ao is an external area of the component.

Ai is an internal area of the component.

ρo is fluid density in the annulus at the component depth in the wellbore.

ρi is fluid density in the component depth in the wellbore.

ρs is steel weight density. Steel density is 65.4 ppg.

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