Useful Well Control Handouts from Texas A&M University

Petroleum engineering department at Texas A&M University has a strong technical in every aspect of oilfield. This is the one of top petroleum engineering universities in USA. Today, I find the very useful well control documents which are used to teach students at the university. There are several topics in the well control. If you are interested in these excellent well control handouts, please check out the following links to download them.

Introduction to well control
Gas behavior and hydrostatic pressure
Kick and gas migration
Gas solubility
Pore Pressure
Pore Pressure Prediction
Other Abnormal Pressure Detection Methods
Logging While Drilling
Fracture Gradients Part#1
Fracture Gradients Part#2
Fracture Gradients Determination
Kick Detection and Control
Off bottom kick
Circulation Kill Techniques Part#1
Circulation Kill Techniques Part#2
Volumetric Well Control
Special Applications in Well Control
Well Control Equipment
Offshore operations for well control
Snubbing and stripping

I wish you would enjoy the well control lectures.

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