Well Control Kill Sheet Free Download

I got several people asking about well control kill sheets and Jeff Crawford share me the good kill sheets created by worldwide trusted well control company, Wild Well Control.


Their kill sheets are Excel files and they support several applications (surface stack, subsea stack, volumetric, lubricate and bleed, bullheading). There are several advantages from these well control kill sheets such as

• Solve problem either simple or complex wells

• Available for multiple casing, liner and tubular sizes

• Semi-automatically draw charts and graphs

• Calculate and display critical well control parameters

• Calculate how many bleed cycles required for volumetric well control

• Estimate maximum surface and pit gain for Volumetric

• Injection fluid vs pressure bleed down for Lube and Bleed

• Safety and working margins are established

It would be benefit you everybody to check out the well control sheets from Wild Well Control company.

Note: The new download links are updated in March 2017.

wild well control

Ultimate Killsheets  by Wild Well Control

Ps, Thanks for wild well control company (http://www.wildwell.com) for creating the good kill sheets. I wish these kill sheets would be advantage for your work. Have a nice day.

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  1. oliver says:


    It it not availble to download the “Well Control Kill Sheet Free Download” on this web site,

    Please send me the well control sheet by email or please let me know when the web page is

    Thank you!

  2. Badih says:

    Thanks, it is very valuable as all the issues in the site

  3. john bujang says:

    One question -When /how to bring up to drilling mud as you drill deeper?


  4. michael says:

    thanks so much

  5. william anton says:

    thank you so much for your great help

  6. Pham Hieu says:

    I can not download these file by the link which you gave us. When I click to these link, I got information”The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.” Please send to me other links, if you have. Thanks.

  7. madhurjya sharma says:

    thanks for help

  8. PHAM VAN HIEU says:

    I can not download the above files. Who can help me to download that files. Thanks.

  9. Abhishek Agarwal says:

    Please email me the kill sheets.. Thanx in advance

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    Would like to know a lot about the IADC exams and the answers to the question.

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    I want kill sheet pls email me

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    Please email to me – ukpebitereotas@yahoo.com

  14. Tony Cadrain says:

    Thanks I like the Metric Options


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