West Atlas re-boarded – Photos Included


Latest information about West Atlas and please find the media release from PTTEP t from the link below. You will see the photos of West Atlas after well control situation burnt the rig and the platform in Timor sea.


From “Upstream Online” 23/11/09.

Crew Boards Crippled Montara Platform

A three-man team has boarded the Montara wellhead platform for the first time since a blowout at the Timor Sea installation on 21 August.

The crew, from Alert Well Control, are evaluating the damage to the Seadrill-owned jack-up West Atlas and the platform, PTTEP said.

The evaluation will also include a safety assessment as PTTEP considers how best to plug and fully secure the Montara H1 well.

PTTEP said the wellhead platform and blown-out H1 well remain stable after the leaking bore was successfully killed on 3 November.

Company director Jose Martins said a preliminary assessment of the rig shows extensive damage to equipment from a fire which erupted on the wellhead platform on 1 November.

He said the reboarding team were surveying the structural integrity of the West Atlas’ cantilever which buckled in the platform fire.

“PTTEP will ensure everything possible has been done to assess the risks before undertaking the plugging operation. The safety of personnel remains our first priority,” Martins added.

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