Another Bad Oilfield Incident – Drill collar in drillers shack

I don’t really know much about the detail of this incident. If you know, please feel free to share with us so other people will learn from this event.

Drill Collar laid across the rig floor

Drill collar in drillers shack001

Drill shack was totally damaged.

Drill collar in drillers shack002

I hope the driller did not get hurt.

Drill collar in drillers shack003

The drill collar was dropped inside the driller shack.

Drill collar in drillers shack002

This was another view which was pretty scary.

Drill collar in drillers shack005

The broken glass was everywhere.

Drill collar in drillers shack006

The panel and joy stick were damaged.

Drill collar in drillers shack007

The drill collar was dropped into the shack.

Drill collar in drillers shack008

Everything in the room was ruin.

Drill collar in drillers shack009

Look at the derrick. Two drill collars laid across the derrick.

Drill collar in drillers shack010

The drill collar, bit, wear bushing, etc on the rig floor.

Drill collar in drillers shack011

Few more pictures are below.

Drill collar in drillers shack012

Drill collar in drillers shack013

Drill collar in drillers shack015


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5 Responses to Another Bad Oilfield Incident – Drill collar in drillers shack

  1. Jorge J. R. Barros says:

    Dear Shyne
    At l984 I was working for Petrobras on a jack up rig and I had a incident not exactly like this one. All drill string were on setback and from top the second 10″ drill collar broke the pin, the two upper drill collars came down making a hole on drillng floor stopping on a bean below and the last drill collar remained leaned at side of derrick.
    Many regards.
    Jorge J. R. Barros

  2. Benji Rogers says:

    Possible over torque or lack of torque collar connections, combined with downhole temps, and flexing while racking back in derrick. I’ve seen them almost back out due to the motion of the derrick.

  3. wal says:

    Hmm? was this on the Ocean Rover?

  4. Dave says:

    I have been told it was on the Ocean Baroness – it just looks the same as the Rover

  5. greg says:

    This one actually was Pipe Racker operator mistake.

    (Was not like actual system where this error could only be caused if you use Overide function)

    On this finger board system you have a push button to open the finger on selected row .
    As the first stand of BHA you can see on the pipe racker was grab by the operator to start RIH, he push the “finger open” button, as the stand was leaning against the finger it do not open.

    So operator push “finger open” button 3 more time (giving command to open 3 more finger….)

    When Driller tell him to pick up a little bit the first stand in order to “help” the first finger to open, he do so.

    After retacting racking arm PRS start to travel to well center. As finger open command was given 3 more time on this row, the 3 following fingers open resulting on the next heave to have 3 DC Stand crack loose.

    That’s why you should always have a spotter to look at the fingerboard and visually confirm that only one finger is open, and remember if in doubt don’t by SHY, stop have a look or ask question to sort it out.

    I will not give the rig, neither company name cos this is not about pointing finger , is about learning and raising your awarness on safety behaviour .

    Member of investigation team on this accident.

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