Applied Drilling Engineering (Spe Textbook Series, Vol 2) Review

If you would like to learn about drilling engineering, this book, Applied Drilling Engineering – Spe Textbook Series, is my recommendation. The book contains various topics regarding drilling engineering.

What will you learn from this book?

Rotary drilling – basic of drilling rigs, rig power system, hoisting system, circulating system, etc.

Drilling fluids – Mud test, pilot test, water based mud and oil based mud.

Cements – composition of cement, cement testing, cement additives, and cement placement techniques used in the drilling field.

Drilling hydraulics – Hydrostatic pressure, annular pressure during well control operation, buoyancy factor, non static well condition, flow through jet bits, rheology models, laminar and turbulent flow, surge/swab pressure and particle slip velocity.

Drilling bits – bit types, bit selections, rock mechanics, factors affecting bit worn out, terminating of bit run, and bit operation.

Formation pore pressure and fracture gradient – meaning of formation pressure and fracture gradient and how to estimate them

Casing design – manufacturing of casing, standardization of casing, API casing properties, casing design, and special casing design considerations.

Directional drilling and deviation control – important of directional drilling, planning and well trajectory, how to calculate well trajectory, directional drilling measurement, defection tools, principle of BHA and deviation control

Additionally, the book provides several images so that people can get clearer pictures and understand the content clearly.


(Sample of illustration from the book)

Engineering equations are clearly explained therefore people will understand from the basic, not just only grab the formulas.

 (Sample of illustration from the book)

Even though the book has various topics regarding drilling, there are some information which is not provided in the book such as Horizontal & Underbalanced drilling, Coiled tubing Drilling.

Who do they need this book? Drilling engineers, rig site personnel, engineering students and people who are interested in drilling engineering.

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  1. cyril seymour says:

    the best u can get

  2. kyi lwin says:

    i read 1992 printing 20 yrs ago. i recommend this is a very useful book.

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