AutoTrak Rotary Steerable System from Baker

AutoTrak Rotary Steerable System from Baker Hughes is one of the most popular RSS tool.  We have several feedback from people in our Facebook page and this is what they say.


Gaspar Giroto We used here in unconventional project of Argentina, and what can i sey … It’s a really good tool, you have a long value ranges for create DLS and you can make them modifying active force and/or Bending Moment, that is good for have presicion in your well trayectory. But nevertheless we have a bad experience here, it failed all the time (Not only RRS, but also Ontrak and Copilot)… Any way, we did record in one last section in spite of have 5 run. It’s amazing

Eko Prasetyo We used in 3 horizontal wells to drain the limestone reservoir with the water contact window only 5ft below with no significant problem during the job.. created smooth trajectory.. two thumbs up

Eirik Kittelsen Its a very accurate tool as long as the formation is no to lose. Which makes the non rotating sleeve spin. Easy to use and mostly very reliable. The wells is like a gun barrel. Easy to run casing as there are limited amounts of ledges and high doglegs.

Shraddhanand More Two ways communication feature & constant RPM directional sleeve make BAKER’s RSS technology Unique.

David Haddad Already used it for geosteering in 80cm layers of sand ! Amazing tool !
Ten Time better than the powerdrive because i used both

Atanu Bhattacharya Accuracy..smoothness…fast..undoubtedly best performed tool!

Please feel free to share your experience about it in the comment box below.


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