Avoid These Deadly Resume Mistakes to Get Perfect Oilfield Resume

With the current oil price environment today, it is very important that all oilfield job seekers are aware of the importance of writing quality oilfield resume.

By quality resume we mean those which are free of errors, illustrate ones accomplishments and they are targeted towards the oil and gas employers. Most of the job seekers tend to follow these guidelines. However, there are few mistakes which are overlooked easily while writing a resume.

In case you feel that you have written a perfect resume but you are still not receiving any interview calls, here are some deadly resume mistakes which you have probably made:

Poor Choice of Words

Poor choice of words is another very common mistake. While proofreading your resume, make sure to closely look at the wording you have used to describe the experience and do watch out for the homophones (the words which sound same but are differently spelled)
For example, one should be aware of the words like “two, to and too, “effected and affected”, and “there, they’re and their”. Checking for such common mistakes can prevent the resumes from going in trash.

Also make sure that you use the specific words on the resume. One should always avoid using the vague words like “many, some or varied”. For example, you should not say “improved company profits”, a better choice would be “increased the company profits by XYZ dollars.” You can see that replacing the word “increased” with improved, created much more impact.

Sharing Too Much Information

Remember that resumes are not meant to show one’s life history. Do not include information about marital status, religion, hobbies which are not related to the job, or number of children. These details should not be included in application and the interview process during the job search.

Using Wrong Tense

You should always use past tense, while talking about the previous experience. Make sure to use present tense when you are talking about the current position. It seems quite easy, doesn’t it? It surely seems like simple and easy grammar fix, but it is a common mistake made by many job seekers on the resumes.

Give attention to tenses used in your resume, while proofreading it. Read the resume loud multiple times and carefully think about which verb tense should be used in each section. You may well be surprised at mistakes you will find.

Putting the Skills Section at The End

Skills section is must for resumes in oil and gas industry. However, placement of the skills section is much more important. Skills section of the resume should be first thing which employers get to read. While writing your skills make sure to target the skills towards qualifications for position you are applying for. This will make your resume standout form the other applications

No links to The Social Media Profiles

In case you do not use LinkedIn or you do not have any digital portfolio, you missing a big opportunity of impressing the employers.

In order to make an outstanding resume, it is necessary to include the links to one’s social media profiles. You may place the URLs for the Twitter or LinkedIn accounts in header of the resume following the contact info.

Unnecessary Details Added

The employers do not care about all the jobs which you have had in your life. The only thing they care about is the experience related to that position for which you are applying.

For instance, if one is applying for the first job after college, one should not include the extracurricular activities from the high school or babysitting jobs during college years. Employers are only interested in learning about those jobs which can make one a good fit for offered position.

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