Baker hughes Tech Facts Engineering Handbook Download

The Baker Hughes Tech Facts Engineering Handbook is a comprehensive source of technical information for completions, workovers, and fishing.

There are several useful topics as listed below:

Tool Joints

Drill Pipe

Drill Collars and


Stretch Data

Tubing Data

Casing Data


Annular Volume

Flanges and

Blowout Preventers

General Information

This is an essential reference to hard-to-find information. The image below shows the sample information from the Baker Hughes Tech Facts Engineering Handbook.

Download links are removed due to copy right issue. Please contact Baker Hughes for this information.



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7 Responses to Baker hughes Tech Facts Engineering Handbook Download

  1. yuji nakano says:

    I used to use Tech Fact book. It was very useful. Download version wiii be more useful.

  2. yuji nakano says:

    I use Tech Fact book. It’s very ueseful. Down load version will be more useful.

  3. B. Wade says:

    Handy to have, easy to carry, thanks!!!

  4. James Blanton says:

    Nice technical reference..

  5. Michael Kynoch says:

    Please let me know, how I can download the Tech Facts book, showing all the information, as stipulated above.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards,
    Michael Kynoch

  6. Scott Allred says:

    Drilling Consultant –I would like to have the down load for my desk top
    Thanks Scott

  7. lee green says:

    Download to my android would be great

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