Can Women Work in the Oilfield (Oil and Gas Industry)?

Women nowadays are dominating the world of men especially when it comes to jobs. They work side by side with males in a man’s industry, which is considered as a great achievement. Back in the days, women should stay at home, serve her husband, cook for the family, care for the children and do the household chores. This happened for many decades until some brave ladies stood up and fought for women’s rights. They showed that women can do almost anything and they can perform the work of a man. In fact, there are women who work in the oilfield, which is a tough job. People, mostly men and unbelievably some women, don’t want to accept that Eve’s daughters can work hard and do laborious jobs too.


Good thing these days men have embraced this fact and offer wider opportunities to the ladies. There are several male jobs that are now handled by women. These jobs include being a CEO, lawyer, doctor, rescuer, military work, police, a taxi driver, a construction worker, an electrician, a race car driver, engineer, oilfield worker and the list goes on. Some of these jobs were once performed by men and are not allowed for women.

If women can give a life to a human being which is the most difficult role among all, then they can do a man’s job too. Women are now allowed to work in a man’s industry because they are more flexible and hardworking. Companies hire women because they are easy to work with and they are good in everything they do. They give their best and provide so much dedication to whatever kind of work they are handling. In fact, some women can do an oilfield work which is literally quite a dirty job, but they can work hand in hand with men. Some may wonder about what would be their role in the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry, women play a huge and significant role. The oil and gas is a progressive and vast industry, so many opportunities are available for all especially to the ladies out there who are in need of a job and would want to work in an exciting and challenging industry. Women should also start to open their minds to try this kind of job as it offers a different and useful experience.

There are several office-based and field position that women can do as listed below;

Office Based Jobs

  • Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Geophysicist
  • IT support
  • Engineering assistant
  • Legal support
  • Trader
  • Buyer
  • Human resource
  • Accountant
  • Researcher
  • etc.

Field Based Jobs 

  • Rig crew
  • Field engineer – wireline, LWD/MWD, completion
  • Mud engineer
  • Marine supervisor
  • Mud Logger
  • Drilling supervisor
  • Field inspector
  • Wellsite geologist
  • Directional driller
  • etc.

They can do excellent in their tasks like men do. Nowadays, oil and gas companies and service companies also increase woman workforces every year.

Being a part of a challenging and men dominated industry is not easy as it needs a lot of adjustment too. And it may be surrounded mostly by males, but as a woman, working in an oil and gas industry will offer more benefits. Aside from a good pay, you’ll meet new and different people from all walks of life. In this kind of work, camaraderie is also important because you work as a team and most of the jobs in the oil and gas industry is accomplished by a team. People work hand in hand, so if you are having difficulties in your task, you can always count on your teammates. Certainly, there are jobs in the oilfield that will match your skills and abilities. Finally, if you are a woman looking for oil and gas job, please don’t feel fear of anything. The oil and gas industry is always welcome.

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  1. JOSE OLIVOS says:

    enviar informacion técnica plis.

  2. rachmad says:

    step by step man position in Oil & Gas industry is being replaced by woman , but man’s insight toward women specially in remote areas should be maintained in daily behaviour , woman is still woman

  3. Mohamed Ali says:

    Yes, that is a good idea , the job will be more attractive to the people on site.But please do not do it and leave laydies in the softwear.And this is for our intrest to feel more happy when we go back to relaxe.
    Thank you.

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