Carefully Think About Oil and Gas Industry Before Boycott Us

We are working in oil and gas industry and many times we see many media, NGO’s, people want to ban oil forever. They make themselves look like heroes when they want to save the earth. However, this is totally impractical as you know. The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the biggest businesses in the world and without oil and gas industry many businesses will not be able to operate. People are a consumer of oil & gas both direct and indirect way, so we are relying on this industry.


 If you meet people who think oil and gas is a bad business for them so you need to tell them to stop using oil and any related products. It is very simple! Following are few easy steps which you can show them in order to stop Oil & Gas industry and make positive impact on the climate change.

  1. Sell their cars and motorcycles and then change to electric cars. This will help CO2 However, they need to remember that parts of vehicles contain some compositions of petroleum products. Basically, they need to stop using cars at all.
  1. Shut off water supply in their house. Energy requires producing and supply water to their houses mainly come from coal, oil and gas. It is time to save water from rain so they will have water to use all year around.
  1. Turn off heaters. The homes located outside tropical region are heated by fuel oil, propane or natural gas, and all this comes from the Oil & Gas industry. Instead make use of wood stoves for cooking and heating.
  1. Stop using mobile devices since most of materials in mobile phones are made of oil and gas product in some source.
  1. Stop eating farm food. All farming needs oil to run engines to grow fruits and vegetables, and/or to feed cows, pigs, chicken, etc. They may try to be self-sufficient by growing vegetables, feeding pigs, chicken and many more.
  1. Even better would be parking their vehicles and riding bicycle or horse instead. The people who live in cities should use bicycles as there isn’t enough space for horses in cities. Walking will also be another option for transportation.
  1. Stop travelling to the destinations by cars or air planes. The vehicles and planes are very inefficient and they produce very large amounts of emission.
  1. Disconnect their houses from electricity systems. A major portion of the electricity produced today is produced by burning coal, oil or natural gas. As you can see in Figure 1, coal, oil and gas are main energy sources of the world today. They will not be able to use their computer, TV, air conditioner, or microwave but think of positive impact it would have on environment.

Figure 1 – Global Energy Sources 2014

(Ref Image:

  1. Stop wearing the clothes that are made of the synthetic materials such as rayon or polyester. Those are the by-products of oil. Silk, cotton and wool seem to be petroleum free but all of them require energy in some sources to produce them. Basically, they are very limited to wear any clothes.
  1. Eliminate all plastic usage. Don’t forget that plastic is also a by-product of oil, so stop using the products that are made of plastic. Use the wood bowls and the wood fired clay pottery for eating and cooking.

We simply put few thought for people who don’t see any advantage of oil and gas industry and want to stop this industry and go green.  In reality, it is impossible to get rid of oil and gas industry at all if we would like to live in comfort conditions nowadays.

The problem which majority of people, especially NGO’s, has is that they don’t know the truth. It is easy to listen and believe in bad news instead of understanding the real situations. As you know, many companies both upstream and downstream try very hard to preserve our environment. Therefore, one of our tasks is to educate them to understand about our industry. You can show some examples of how oil and gas is essential for them. It is impossible for us to live in the modern world without oil and gas industry.

Please feel free to put any of your thought in the comment below.

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2 Responses to Carefully Think About Oil and Gas Industry Before Boycott Us

  1. Varun Asthana says:

    Hello, I already had a combat about this issue a week ago and I had a huge win over a NGO founder who is none other than my elder brother. He had an aim to finish the boom of oil and gas industries and develop/establish his own electric-energy/charge storage facility for empowering electric automobile industry. My question was very simple to him, I asked him “do you know who gives approvals for production of hydrocarbon (HC) in any nation?” and obviously he had no clue. Well, I had to explain him why do we produce HC, how do we set our annual production goals being an operator (E&P), how/why government bodies audit our annual production, our HSE policies and what all activities do we do for protecting our environment as we care more than them about our mother Earth. Government analyses the HC production and predict its environmental impacts and approves to a certain figure of annual HC production (I am sure that this process would be existing in every HC producing country).
    He only said one thing , “fab, I didn’t know about all this.”
    I must appreciate the author of this article/e-mail and would like to say “WE ARE ON SAME PAGE DUDE.”

  2. Martijn says:

    I completely understand this, and believe the statement ‘boycott all oil’ is incredibly naive. However…

    1. If you use or burn oil it is gone. It is not renewable. So we will run out of it at a certain moment in time, thus need to adjust towards other forms of energy and sources of hydrocarbons. Perhaps not from one day to another, but gradually, yes we need to adjust. And so do the oil and energy companies if they don’t want to share the fate of Kodak;

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