Caspian Sea Drilling Rig Pictures

I got some interesting photos from my friend showing the how the drilling rig in Caspian sea looks like. These images are very interesting and I wish you would like to see them as well.

This is the drilling platform over there in the middle of the sea.

Caspian Drilling Platform

BOP Panel Caspian Sea Rig: You need to work on this one. Pretty cool??

BOP Panel Caspian Sea Rig

Crew change by boat – Look how old the boat is !!!

Unbelievable !!! this is a drawworks.


 Driller’s Panel – well it is quite simple, isn’t it?

Driller's Panel

Handrails – Don’t lean against the hand rails O_o


SCR panel – don’t touch it otherwise you will be shot.

SCR pannel

Pump Room and mud pump – open air pump room wow !!!

Pump Room and mud pump



Flow line and walk way

Flow line and walk way

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18 Responses to Caspian Sea Drilling Rig Pictures

  1. Bama says:

    Wow how the oilfield has changed!

  2. Mikhail says:

    Where exactly in Caspian region located this rig?

  3. Paul Agius says:

    Well if all safety precautions are implemented and followed by all concerned, In the end the result will be the same. after all we heard of many incidents and near misses from very hi tech rigs unfortunately. I wouldnt mind make few trips in this envirnment after all I think it is experience and capability.

  4. Peter says:

    This site is the best for us in the drilling industry.

  5. Niyazi says:

    Nobody knows when exactly these photos were taken. Maybe 20 years ago maybe more. At that time some political changes occurred. Therefore, nobody paid attention to gas&oil industry. If they did not work, we could not live independently. Take into consideration, people who worked there got a good experience to work on every condition.
    However, at the present time the condition is not the same. I can even provide you with new photos if you are interested about the new condition.

  6. Please Niyazi, provide some pictures about the current state, I been working in Baku, Az on 2000, and the situation was very bad for workers, May has been a change on the industry and it will be something very good for all those who work so hard at this part of the world.
    By the way, people is friendly and helpful, but they grew up under severe conditions.

    Regards from Argentina!

  7. Vicentiu says:

    They have good results – see you trh eflow line !!!
    When was made theese pictures? What company?

  8. hamid says:

    Wow, nothing has benn left. I think they should completely renew the rig.

  9. John Gall says:

    Yep seen these years ago-

    Old pictures Old news

    However still interesting to think that crews in the past had to work with this equipment.

    HSE Where were you then.?

    All the best


  10. Diatumua says:

    oh my God currently these conditions are unsafe, because last time I worked on a rig in Angola I thought that were bad, but if these pics are recent I think that the responsible of this rig should give more value and respect to those people who work there.
    Big hugs for these heroes God bless them.

  11. R.G. says:

    What a POS. Death trap. I wouldn’t even get on it.

  12. If I had to guess I would say it is near Baku and the rig is more than 50 years in age.

  13. Erny72 says:

    Hi Mikhail et al,
    I didn’t work on this bucket, but spent 5 years flying out to ACG rigs further south east and we flew over these platforms (or at least carbon copies of them) just off the cost and before reaching oily rocks (if you’ve seen the James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough, you’ve seen oily rocks masquerading as an extensive, mythical offshore caviar factory).
    These rigs, like oily rocks and the onshore Absheron oil field are Soviet era developments and didn’t look to have been very well looked after once they were installed.
    The newer developments in the Caspian are nothing like this at all, in fact I was in for a rude shock when I left the oldest AGC rig to go to the North Sea and landed on a rusty 25 year old platform which looked ready to fall apart.

  14. rachmad says:

    Many ways to find oil drop, don’t forget the mitigation

  15. Mobayenzad says:

    There are so many rigs those are working with this condition in everywhere. You can find those in Middle East, CIS and Asia East West. If the subscribers in there have the international experience, be sure they saw the rigs which this rig is a super rig against those!!

  16. Eidi Mohammad Rostami says:

    I believe that with many reasons for example i can mention tow of them:
    1-its can be our drilling machinery and equipment history.
    2-I have been in Soviet union at 1989 and visit some of their land rigs.

  17. Mohammed El shwadfi says:

    It’s amazing

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