What is Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and its Important?

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is an important to any health and safety program. It is one of many risk assessment tools that can be used in a formal hazard assessment process to identify and control hazard.


Many works are injured or killed because they don’t know the right steps or don’t recognize the potential hazard of the job. JSA helps establish proper operating procedures and provide recommendations for preventing or eliminating hazards.   Continue reading

What is the difference between a hazard and risk?

You may have heard about hazard and risk all the time while you are working either in the office or in the field.

Do you really know what the differences between these two terms are?


 Is it easy question?  A lot of the time hazard and risk are freely used as a same thing however it is apparently not.  In oil and gas industry, these two terms are very vital to know and understand. Continue reading

Only 21 Seconds Can Change Your Life – Fingerboard Incident

One of my colleague shared this vdo in the HES meeting and I was stunning on how quick of this incident happening. This is very short VDO only 21 seconds but it is worth to learn to prevent this same situation.

What was happened?

fiberboard-incident-no-play Continue reading

Pipe Blown Up While Pumping

Working with pressure is one of the high risk tasks in oil and gas industry because enormous force can damage equipment and harm people life. In this 15-second vdo, it shows how quickly thing can turn to be a catastrophic. You need to watch this.

What Can We Learn from This VDO?

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