Failure Lifting – Mobile Crane Operations

Working on the rig both offshore and onshore always involves lifting operation using rig cranes or mobiles crane. Therefore, hazards associated with lifting operation must be carefully taken into account. We would like you to watch and learn from this video in order to understand risk of overloading the mobile crane and the final result. We wish this video would raise use some concerns regarding safe work practices while working with cranes.

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Perro Negro 6 Jack Up Rig Capsized and Sank – Oilfield Safety

Perro Negro 6 Incident – Jack up rig capsized and sank was happen few year ago but we would like to share this case as a case study. You can watch what happen in the video below.

It is clearly seen that the rig capsized and sank in just few minutes. Jack up rig move is one of the most hazardous operation. Before a rig is moved, total number of people on board will be kept at minimum for operating the operation and non essential personnel will not be allowed on the rig.   There are several considerations that rig contractors and operators must be agreed before commencing any rig move operation. For this case, we would like to emphasize that even though all safety is in place, the bad thing can be happened.

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Pemex oil facility explosion in Coatzacoalcos

Safety is very crucial in oil and gas industry. We wish most of people would be safe and the situation would be back to normal soon.

MEXICO CITY, April 20 (Reuters) – A massive explosion rocked a major petrochemical facility of Mexican national oil company Pemex in the Gulf state of Veracruz on Wednesday (20-Apr-16), killing at least three people, injuring dozens more, and pumping a cloud of noxious chemicals into the sky. Luis Felipe Puente, head of federal emergency services, told Reuters that three people had died in the blast. Pemex confirmed that three of its workers had died, and said another 136 were injured, of which 88 were still in the hospital.

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What was happened? Kelly was bent.

We just got photo from our friend sharing these images of Kelly which was bent from parted drillstring.
This is the details.

While working the stuck drillstem using the kelly rig system, maximum tensile load applied on surface was about 375 Klb (170 tonne)  and the over pull was about 155 klb (70 tonne) and then the drill pipe was suddenly parted. This resulted in the Kelly to pop out of rotary table and the swivel bail came out of the hook. Therefore, the Kelly fail down freely because there was nothing to hold it. The equipment went down with the Kelly which was bent due to falling action from the rotary table to outside of the rig floor. Fortunately, nobody got injured from this incident.

Kelly-Bent-Over-From-The-Rotary-Table-1 Kelly-Bent-Over-From-The-Rotary-Table-2

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Travelling Block Falling Down

Anything can happen in just a second while you working. This 1-minute VDO shows you what a catastrophe occurs in just a second.

From the vdo, it seems like the break did not work properly so everything hanging in the travelling block was falling down and hit the drillstring on the rig floor. It did not take long just about 12 second for this case to happen.

This is another event when the TDS and travelling blow falling down to the rig floor.

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