Deepwater Horizon Incident VDO

Transocean demonstrates an excellent animated video of the Deepwater Horizon incident. This video will show you what was happened to the Deepwater Horizon rig’s BOP and there are a lot of things that you can learn from this VDO as sequence of the incident, deep water BOP stack configuration, why the BOP elements were failed, force of high flow velocity, etc.

Please click at the image below to see the full VDO.

Please give me your thought about this VDO.

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One Response to Deepwater Horizon Incident VDO

  1. subsea engineer says:

    Transocean would post this BS.
    I have worked at this trade (sse) for going on 22 years. HAD everything worked as claimed the EDS may have in fact NOT cut the pipe but would in fact disconnect the riser connector regardless of other stack functions. ( EDS locked out? )

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!

    AND… had BP deployed a shear ram double, suspended on upside down elevators, slung up with slings with a connector on the bottom of it, unlatched the dead LMRP and tossed it to the side the morons could have killed this well in a few days time, not months.

    RED Adiar would have done just that …. least we forget capping stack, dunce caps, GOLF BALLS via an “open ended top kill” … it still angers me….

    THANK GOD they finally got the paint dry enough to run a 15K stack and land it on top of a 6K flex joint connected with that ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE riser joint … jerks.

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