Diesel Engine and Electric Power (Rotary Drilling) Book Review

This is one of books in the rotary drilling series from Petroleum extension service, University of Texas at Austin. It contains a lot of basic knowledge regarding diesel and electric power for drilling rig. As you may know, it is not easy to understand all about basic details about engines used in the drilling rigs because there are so many details.

What will you learn from the book?

These following items are you will learn from the book.

• Engine and power transmission (both mechanic and electric transmission)

• Diesel engines: how they work, engine fuel, gas or LPG engine, Forced-air induction and natural aspirations.

• Four-stroke diesel engines: step-by-step of how engines generate power, 4-crutial steps of engine, etc

• Two-stroke diesel engines: basic theory and detailed of them

• Diesel fuel: important properties of diesel fuel as SG, API, Viscosity, flash point, pouring point, sulfur content, etc

• Fuel injection systems: type of fuel injections, fuel injection system requirement, proper timing for injection, etc.

• Governors: types of governors (mechanic, hydraulic, electric)

• Lubrication systems: why oil lubrication is required, oil pumps, oil filters, oil coolers, using proper oil, oil contamination, engine oil supply areas, etc.

• Cooling systems: purposes of the cooling system, coolant, radiator, heat exchanger, etc

• Air intake systems: Air cleaners, blowers, turbo charges

• Exhaust systems: exhaust manifold, pipe, muffles, tail pipes

• Instrument for diesel engine: pyrometers, pressure gauges, temperature gauges

• Alarm and shut down systems: over trip speed, pressure and temperature alarm, why engines shut down, etc

• Diesel Engine operation: start up engine, warm up engine, how to run engines smoothly, etc

• Electric power generators: DC generators, AC generators

• DC electric drive: advantages of electric drive, running engines at constant/varying speed, driller’s control panel, SCR systems, control power, special considerations, etc


Even though it is quite technical, the book still describes everything in a simple wording. You don’t even need to be a specialist to understand the contents. Moreover, the book provides many of photos and illustrations as you can see from the sample below. The images provided from the publisher make life easier when people try to get something.




Conclusion: This book gives you basic understanding about diesel engines and electric power used in drilling rigs. The technical language used in this book is quite easy to understand and the book is good for new drilling hands, drilling engineers, trainee drilling supervisors, trainee rig electricians, trainee rig mechanics, etc. You can buy it from Amazon.com because it offers you very good price with worldwide shipment. Click at the image below to see the special offer

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    this book is very useful to drilling field people

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