Directional Drilling Handout from Texas AM

I would like to share very useful Power Point slide in the topic of directional drilling which is belong to Texas A&M university, USA.

Directional Drilling

When is it used?

Type I Wells (build and hold)

Type II Wells (build, hold and drop)

Type III Wells (build)

Directional Well Planning & Design

Survey Calculation Methods

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Survey Calculation Methods –

Radius of Curvature

Balanced Tangential

Minimum Curvature

Kicking Off from Vertical

Controlling Hole Angle (Inclination)

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Directional Drilling  Continued

 Tool-Face Angle

Ouija Board

Dogleg Severity

Reverse Torque of Mud Motor

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The Wellbore Trajectory Control –

Bent Motor and Bent Sub


Directional Drilling Measurements

Single Shot and Multishot

Magnetic and Gyro

Steering Tools

MWD tools

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