Drill string valves and IBOPs VDO Training

Drillstring valves and IBOPS are one of the most critical well control equipment on the rig. This VDO training will teach you about drillstring valves and iBOPs. After watching this, you will fully understand several of the valves and their applications. Additionally, we also have full VDO transcript to help anyone who are unable to fully understand the English speaking in the VDO. We wish you would enjoy watching it.

Full VDO Transcript


Drill string valves stop fluid from flowing up the drill string often if the drill kicks with the bit off bottom. Formation fluids flow from the annulus and up the drill string. Crewmembers close of the drill string valves. The flow is in the string, If the Kelly is made up the can close the upper or lower Kelly cock. If the Kelly is not made up then they can install the full opening safety valve in the top of the drill string.

An inside blowout preventer or IBOP is a one-way valve, a check valve that they can install in the drill string. One type of IBOP is a float valve that is sometimes made up in the drill string near the bit. It prevents backflow up the drill string.

Another type of IBOP is the drop in valve or D.I.V. It is dropped into the drill string and falls to a special landing sub that is usually located near to the top drill collar in the drill string. It allows the driller to pump mud down the string but the check valve will not allow influx fluid to flow up the string.

Another type of inside BOP is the heavy-duty check valve or a gray type valve named after the company that makes it. It is a plunger check that crew stab into the drill pipe at the surface. It is usually used during stripping operations.

Stripping is when the crew lowers the pipe into the hole while the BOPs are closed and under pressure. An upper Kelly cock is located above the Kelly. The upper Kelly cock usually serves as a backup to the lower Kelly cock. If the lower Kelly cock failed crewmembers would you was a specialize operating wrench to close the upper Kelly cock. The closed upper Kelly cock prevents further flow. It prevents the equipment above the Kelly from high pressure flow. Usually crewmembers close the lower Kelly cock if a kick puts risk on the equipment above the Kelly. They make it up at the bottom of the Kelly. A crew member uses a special operating wrench to close it. The crewmembers can also you was the lower Kelly cock to prevent a mud from falling out of the Kelly when they break off the Kelly to make a connection.

Here is a full opening safety valve. If the Kelly is not made up in the drill string and flow occurs, crewmembers can insert this safety valve into the drill string. This procedure is called stabbing.

A full opening valves has as large an inside opening as possible. When fully open flow from the drill pipe passes through the valve with no additional restriction. This relatively large opening allows the crew to stab the valve against pressure coming out of the drill string. The cruel picks up this safety valve by its lifting handles. They make sure it is fully opened and stab it into the drill pipe then they screw it into the pipe. Finally, the you was a special operating wrench to close the valve and shut off flow. Driller’s should make sure that valves have the right to cross over subs handy on the rig floor. Crewmembers should be able to make up the safety valve in any drill string member coming out of the Rotary. For example if a drill collar is in the Rotary, these safety valves threads may not match the drill collars threads. They will need the right cross over sub to make it work.

Float valves also prevent flow of the drill string. Crewmembers place a float valve in a string, a special drill string fitting just above the bit. One type allows mud to be pumped down but shuts against upward flow. Under normal conditions pump pressure moves drilling mud through the open one-way valve. An influx of formation fluids from below causes of the float valve to close. This prevents further flow of the drill string.

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