Drilling Fluids, Mud Pumps, and Conditioning Equipment Book Review

Learning about drilling fluids, mud pumps and conditioning equipment is required basic knowledge which personnel working on the rig must understand. In the old day, you may need to take a lot of time to learn this knowledge. Nowadays, Petroleum Extension Service publishes the book named “Drilling Fluids, Mud Pumps, and Conditioning Equipment” which will provide learners a lot of essential thing regarding drilling fluids, mud pumps and equipment. Today, I would like to review this book so you will know what inside and what you will you get from it.

What will you learn from this book?

These are brief contents which you will learn from the book.

Circulating systems on the drilling – function of drilling fluid and circulating system, hydraulic of mud circulating system, air circulating system, etc

Drilling mud – function of drilling mud, type of drilling mud used in drilling industry, composition of drilling mud, how to test drilling fluids, equipment for mud testing

Treatment of mud – breakover, weighting up, water-back

Basic calculation – hydrostatic pressure calculation, volume required for weighting up

Mud pumps – reciprocating pumps, configuration of Duplex and Triplex pumps, pump output, comparison of Triplex and Duplex pumps, operating and maintenance practices for the pumps

Centrifugal pumps – advantage of centrifugal pumps, operating and maintenance practices, pump size selection

Shale shakers– function of shale shakers, how shale shakers work, screen, sand trap

Hydrocyclones –desanders and desilters

Oilfield centrifuges – its function

Mud gas separator and degassers – function of them, vacuum degassers, centrifugal degassers, educator design

Other equipment– mud mixers, agitators, jet hoppers, mud monitoring equiopment

The book has the basic content with few simple calculations. It is good for new people who have less rig experience. It is not easy for less experience to understand everything in the oil field quickly; therefore, the book provides a lot of photos, drawings that will help learners to understand the content easily. You can see from the images which I capture from the book.


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