Drilling Formula Calculation Sheet Version 1

This is drilling formula calculation sheet v1 distributed on 28-Mar-10. I add many essential drilling formulas in to one Excel spread sheet and I would like to share with you for FREE. Please check this following link for download.


Drilling Formula Calculation Sheet v1


When you one the file Drilling-formulas-Calculation-shee-V1.xls, you will see the fist page call index page which shows you all of formulas like this.

You can click at each topic you like so as to see each formula. For example, let’s check one topic D-Exponent and D-Exponent Corrected.

You will see the screen like this. You add figures into the yellow cells and the blue cells are results. You are able to input the numbers into the yellow cells only.


You can go back to the index page by clicking cell named “Back to the first page

If you are interested in background of the calculation, you can click the links shown at the right side.

I wish the drilling formula calculation sheet v1 would be advantageous for you. I will keep update as much as possible. Please keep this link https://www.drillingformulas.com/drilling-formula-calculation-sheet/ for more update.

Please feel free to send or share with your friends. This is FREE Excel spread sheet so please do not sell it for any reason.

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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8 Responses to Drilling Formula Calculation Sheet Version 1

  1. walter luiz pereira says:

    suas planilhas são otimas para usar na area de mecanicas dos fluido

  2. Liam Kincaid says:

    Very helpful sheet. Wish we could see the actual formulas though. would give us a better understanding.

  3. Jorge Barros says:

    Senhor, no capítulo Fórmulas de perfuração folha de cálculo 1, no item Kick Tolerance Factor as imput cells que deveriam estar amarelas as mesmas se encontram em azul e as calculated cells que devia estar em azul está na cor amarela com isto não é possivel se efetuar o cálculo. É nescessário corrigir.
    Abraço, Jorge Barros

    “Lord, in Chapter Formulas drilling a spreadsheet, the item Kick Tolerance Factor imput the cells that should be the same yellow and blue are in the Calculated cells that should be in blue color is yellow it is not possible to make the calculation. Nescessário is correct.
    Regards, Jorge Barros”

  4. jihen jazi says:

    je suis un junior drilling engineer,, et je trouve que ce doc pourrait m’aider pour les calculs sur chantier.

    Merci de m’envyer une copie.

  5. mohsen says:

    i like this

  6. qingyi says:

    Dear sir,
    Would you please send me a coppy?

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