Drilling Formula Spread Sheet V1.5

This is the updated version of drilling formulas (Figure 1 – Drilling Formula Spread Sheet V1.5). In this version, we’ve added several equations and fixed some errors.

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 drilling formulas v1_5

Figure 1 – Drillingformulas Spread Sheet Version 1.5

Moreover, we have modified new interface so it will be easier to navigate. In this version, there are a total of 99 equations from these topics as applied drilling, basic formula, directional drilling, drilling fluid, drilling engineering, hydraulics, and well control.

The equations are listed below;

• Drill Collar Weight

• Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Using Yield Point for MW less than or equal to 13 ppg

• Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Using Yield Point for MW more than 13 ppg

• Lag time

• Light weight spot fill to balance formation pressure

• Loss of hydrostatic pressure due to filling water into annulus in case of lost return

• Margine of Overpull

• Pipe Elongation Due to Temperature

• Pressure required to break circulation

• Pump out (both duplex and triplex pump)

• Pump Pressure and Pump Stroke Relationship

• Stuck Pipe Calculation

• Ton Miles Calculation

• Accumulator capacity

• Amount of cuttings drilled per foot of hole drilled

• Annular Capacity

• Annular Velocity (AV)

• Buoyancy Factor (BF)

• Convert Temperature Unit

• Converting Pressure into Mud Weight

• Depth of washout

• D-Exponent and D-Exponent Corrected

• Displacement of plain pipe such as casing, tubing, etc.

• Drilling Cost Per Foot

• Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)

• Formation Integrity Test (FIT)

• Formation Temperature

• How many feet of drill pipe pulled to lose certain amount of hydrostatic pressure (psi)

• Hydrostatic Pressure (HP)

• Hydrostatic Pressure (HP) Decrease When POOH

• Inner Capacity of open hole, inside cylindrical objects

• Leak Off Test (LOT)

• Pressure and Force

• Pressure Gradient

• Slug Calculation

• Specific Gravity (SG)

• Total Bit Revolution in Mud Motor

• Directional Survey – Angle Averaging Method

• Directional Survey – Radius of Curvature Method

• Directional Survey – Balanced Tangential Method

• Directional Survey – Minimum Curvature Method

• Directional Survey – Tangential Method

• Dogleg Severity Calculation based on Radius of Curvature Method

• Dogleg Severity Calculation based on Tangential Method

• Bulk Density of Cuttings by using Mud Balance

• Decrease oil water ratio

• Determine oil water ratio from a retort analysis

• Determine the density of oil/water mixture

• Dilution to control LGS

• Increase mud weight by adding Barite

• Increase mud weight by adding Calcium Carbonate

• Increase mud weight by adding Hematite

• Increase oil water ratio

• Mixing Fluids of Different Densities with Pit Space Limitation

• Mixing Fluids of Different Densities without Pit Space Limitation

• Plastic Viscosity (PV) and Yield Point (YP) from mud test

• Reduce mud weight by dilution

• Annular Pressure Loss

• Critical RPM

• Calculate Equivalent Circulating Density with Engineering Formula

• Critical Flow Rate

• Cutting Carrying Index

• Cutting Slip Velocity Method#1

• Cutting Slip Velocity Method#2

• Effective Viscosity

• Hydraulic Horse Power (HPP)

• Optimum Flow Rate for basic system

• Power Law Constant

• Pressure Loss Annulus

• Pressure Loss Annulus With Tool Joint Correction

• Pressure Loss Drillstring

• Pressure Loss Drillstring With Tool Joint Correction

• Pressure Loss in Surface Equipment

• Reynold Number

• Surge and Swab Pressure Method#1

• Surge and Swab Pressure Method#2

• Total Flow Area Table

• Actual gas migration rate in a shut in well

• Adjusted maximum allowable shut-in casing pressure for new mud weight

• Calculate Influx Height

• Estimate gas migration rate with an empirical equation

• Estimate type of influx

• Formation pressure from kick analysis

• Hydrostatic Pressure Loss Due to Gas Cut Mud

• Kick Tolerance (Surface Stack and Vertical Well)

• Kick tolerance factor (KTF)

• Kill Weight Mud

• Maximum formation pressure (FP)

• Maximum influx height

• Maximum Initial Shut-In Casing Pressure (MISICP)

• Maximum pit gain from gas kick in water based mud

• Maximum Surface Pressure from Gas Influx in Water Based Mud

• Maximum surface pressure from kick tolerance information

• Trip margin

• Initial Circulating Pressure (ICP)

• Final Circulating Pressure (FCP)

• New Pump Pressure With New Strokes (psi)

• New Pressure Loss With New Mud (psi)

• Riser Margin

The download period is end. If you like to get the spreadsheet, please subscribe to our mailing list here => http://eepurl.com/eXduw


drilling formulas v1_5

We wish you would enjoy our drillingformulas spreadsheet and feel free to share with your friends too. If you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to send us email to drillingformulas@gmail.com. We will use your valuable information to improve our spreadsheet.

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  4. Jan says:

    When will be available version in SI units?

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    btw sir, can we get the formula as well?
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