Drilling Formulas and Calculation Summary Page

I created summary page for drilling formulas and calculations (https://www.drillingformulas.com/drilling-formulas-and-calculation-sheets/). I wish these excel sheets would be helpful for you.

Amount of cuttings produced per foot of hole drilled
Annular Pressure Loss
Bulk Density Calculation
Buoyancy Factor Oilfield
Convert Pressure to Equivalent Mud Weight
Cost Per Foot Calculation
Critical RPM
D Exponent Calculation
D Exponent Corrected Calculation
Decrease Oil Water Ratio
Density of Oil Water Mixture
Depth of Washout
Dilution LGS control
Dilution LGS control – adding mud
Directional Survey Calculation – Angle Averaging Method
Directional Survey Calculation – Radius of Curvature Method
Dogleg Severity Calculation – Radius of Curvature Method
Dogleg Severity Calculation – Tangential Method
Drilling or Connection Ton-Mile
Equivalent Circulating Density Calculation
Equivalent Circulating Density with engineering formula
Formation Integrity Test
Formation Temperature
Free Point Constant Calculation
Hydraulic Horse Power
Hydrostatic Pressure Calculation
Hydrostatic Pressure Decreases When POOH
Increase mud weight adding Barite
Increase mud weight adding calcium carbonate
Increase mud weight adding hematite
Increase Oil Water Ratio
Internal Capacity
Lag Time Calculation
Leak off test calculation
Light Weight Spot Pill
Loss hydrostatic due to filling water into annulus
Mix Different Fluid Density – Limit Space
Mix Different Fluid Density – Unlimit Space
Mud Volume Increase Due to Adding Barite
Mud Volume Increase Due to Adding Calcium Carbonate
Mud Volume Increase Due to Adding Hematite
Oil Water Ratio from a Retort Analysis
Pipe Displacement Calculation
Pressure and Force Calculation
Pressure Gradient Calculation
Pressure Required to Break Circulation In Annulus
Pressure Required to Break Circulation Inside Drill String
Pump Output (Duplex and Triplex)
Pump Pressure and Pump Stroke Relationship
Reduce Mud Weight by Dilution
Slug Calculation – Barrel of Slug Required
Slug Calculation – barrels of slug required for a desired length of dry pipe
Slug Calculation – Weight of Slug Required
Specific Gravity Calculation
Starting Volume for Weighting Up with Bartie
Starting Volume for Weighting Up with calcium carbonate
Starting Volume for Weighting Up with Hematite
Stuck Pipe Calculation – Not Know Free Point Constant
Stuck Pipe Calculation – Use Table for Free Point Constant
Temperature Conversion Formulas
Ton-Mile (TM) for Coring Operation
Ton-Mile (TM) for Making Short Trip
Ton-Mile (TM) for Round Trip
Ton-Mile (TM) for Setting Casing
Ton-Mile (TM) for Drilling or Connection

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Great work.

  2. Mohammed Almusheti says:

    my comment about the site
    its the strongest site I have read
    thank you very much

  3. shrawan kumar, india says:

    marvellous job done. thanq very-very much

  4. Warrie says:

    If you run in with a ported float in the string, how would you calculated the displacement. Also if while running in with the float and you noticed that the displacement is completely closed end, what could be your best option to calculate displacement. Note, you are allowed to fill the pipe but not allowed to pump due to perceived low overbalance pressure. How best can you calculate you displacement in these scenarios.

    • The best way to calculate displacement with float in the drillsting (ported float or solid float) is to use only OD of drill pipe to calculate displacement because mud cannot come inside the drillstring.
      The formula for the displacement will be => displacement = (OD^2)/1029.4 in bbl/ft.

      Once you fill up pipe, you should use the original formula to check the displacemen.

  5. Indeed, great job, am greatful for all your effeorts so far. More grease to you elbow.


    This calculation and concepts seems to buield some good knowledge for people in drill site.

  7. excllency sir,i found this very helpful during drilling activities.i suggest people to use feedburner so as to enhance your expertise and skill.thanks FEEDBURNER

  8. Ramana says:

    Its really more helpful during drilling.
    If study this will improve our knowledge more……….

  9. Shahnawaz says:

    Really fantastic website..


    it is a very good handout and very helpfull for the on site supervisors , thank you very much for that great effort



  12. Todd says:

    Do you have a calculation for negative test?

  13. Brian says:

    Please assist with this question, I’m not sure I understand the question

    While drilling ahead at 14,300’ lost circulation was encountered. The hole size is 12 ¼”. The BHA is 360’ of 8” X 2” Drill Collars, 900’ of 5” HWDP with an ID of 2.5” and 5”, 19.50, NC 50 drillpipe with an ID of 4.276”. The plan is to spot a 100 bbl LCM Pill with the same mud weight as the mud 12.5 ppg.
    Describe how this pill is spotted, show bbls to displace the pill

  14. Faisal Sohail says:

    I need formula for calculating ECD in aerated drilling (Drilling with the air being injected into mud through Standpipe)

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