Drilling Formulas Spread Sheet V1.7 – Free Download

Drilling Formulas Spread Sheet V1.7 is the latest version of Drilling Formula Spread Sheet. There are few new cement plug formulas and all formulas are unlocked so you can apply the formulas for your work. The formulas in this spreadsheet are as follows;

Applied Drilling Formulas

Drill Collar Weight
Effective Mud Density
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Using Yield Point for MW less than or equal to 13 ppg
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Using Yield Point for MW more than 13 ppg
Lag time
Light weight spot fill to balance formation pressure
Loss of hydrostatic pressure due to filling water into annulus in case of lost return
Margin of Over Pull (MOP)
Maximum ROP Before Fracturing Formation
Pipe Elongation Due to Temperature
Pressure required to break circulation
Pump out (both duplex and triplex pump)
Pump Pressure and Pump Stroke Relationship
Stuck Pipe Calculation
Ton Miles Calculation
Volume Gain from Slug
Volume of Cutting Generated While Drilling

Basic Drilling Formulas

Accumulator Capacity
Amount of cuttings drilled per foot of hole drilled
Annular Capacity
Annular Velocity (AV)
Buoyancy Factor (BF)
Buoyancy Factor (BF) with different fluid weight inside and outside
Buoyed Weight of Tubular With Different Fluid Weight Outside and Inside
Buoyed Weight of Tubular With Fluid in Pipe
Buoyed Weight of Tubular Without Fluid in Close Ended Pipe (Empty Pipe)
Closed-Ended Pipe Displacement
Convert Temperature Unit
Converting Pressure into Mud Weight
Coring Cost Per Footage Recovered
Depth of washout
D-Exponent and D-Exponent Corrected
Displacement of plain pipe such as casing, tubing, etc.
Drilling Cost Per Foot
Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD)
Formation Integrity Test (FIT)
Formation Temperature
How many feet of drill pipe pulled to lose certain amount of hydrostatic pressure (psi)
Hydrostatic Pressure (HP)
Hydrostatic Pressure (HP) Decrease When POOH
Inner Capacity of open hole, inside cylindrical objects
Leak Off Test (LOT)
Open-Ended Pipe Displacement
Pressure Acting Against Tubular
Pressure and Force
Pressure Gradient
Slug Calculation
Specific Gravity (SG)
Total Bit Revolution in Mud Motor

Directional Drilling Calculation

Directional Survey – Angle Averaging Method
Directional Survey – Radius of Curvature Method
Directional Survey – Balanced Tangential Method
Directional Survey – Minimum Curvature Method
Directional Survey – Tangential Method
Dogleg Severity Calculation based on Radius of Curvature Method
Dogleg Severity Calculation based on Tangential Method

Drilling Fluid Formulas

Bulk Density of Cuttings by using Mud Balance
Decrease oil water ratio
Determine oil water ratio from a retort analysis
Determine the density of oil/water mixture
Dilution to control LGS
Increase mud weight by adding Barite
Increase mud weight by adding Calcium Carbonate
Increase mud weight by adding Hematite
Increase oil water ratio
Mixing Fluids of Different Densities with Pit Space Limitation
Mixing Fluids of Different Densities without Pit Space Limitation
Plastic Viscosity (PV) and Yield Point (YP) from mud test
Reduce mud weight by dilution
Solid Density From Retort Analysis

Engineering Formulas

Annular Pressure Loss
Critical RPM
Calculate Equivalent Circulating Density with Engineering Formula
Bottom Hole Pressure from Wellhead Pressure in a Dry Gas Well

Hydraulic Formulas

Bi Nozzle Velocity
Bit Aggressiveness
Bit Hydraulic Horsepower
Bit Hydraulic Horsepower Per Area of Dril Bit (HSI)
Critical Flow Rate
Cross Flow Velocity Under a Drilling Bit
Cutting Carrying Index
Cutting Slip Velocity Method#1
Cutting Slip Velocity Method#2
Effective Viscosity
Hydraulic Horse Power (HPP)
Impact Force of Jet Nozzles on Bottom Hole
Mechanical Specific Energy
Minimum Flow Rate PDC bit
Optimum Flow Rate for basic system
Power Law Constant
Pressure Drop Across Bit
Pressure Loss Annulus
Pressure Loss Annulus With Tool Joint Correction
Pressure Loss Drillstring
Pressure Loss Drillstring With Tool Joint Correction
Pressure Loss in Surface Equipment
Reynold Number
Surge and Swab Pressure Method#1
Surge and Swab Pressure Method#2
Total Flow Area Table

Well Control Formulas

Actual gas migration rate in a shut in well
Adjusted maximum allowable shut-in casing pressure for new mud weight
Average Fluid Density
Bottle Capacity Required in Accumulator
Brine Weight with Temperature Correction
Calculate Influx Height
Drill Pipe Pressure Schedule (Wait and Weight)
Estimate gas migration rate with an empirical equation
Estimate type of influx
Final Circulating Pressure (FCP)
Formation Fracture Pressure
Formation pressure from kick analysis
Hydrostatic Pressure Gained per Volume Lubricated into A Well
Hydrostatic Pressure Loss Due to Gas Cut Mud
Initial Circulating Pressure (ICP)
Initial Hydrostatic Pressure
Kill Weight Mud
Maximum formation pressure (FP)
Maximum influx height
Maximum Initial Shut-In Casing Pressure (MISICP)
Maximum pit gain from gas kick in water based mud
Maximum Surface Pressure from Gas Influx in Water Based Mud
Maximum surface pressure from kick tolerance information
Mud Weight from API Gravity
New Pressure Loss With New Mud (psi)
New Pump Pressure With New Strokes (psi)
Overbalance Due to Peforming Lubricate and Bleed
Riser Margin
Trip margin
Kick tolerance factor (KTF)
Kick Intensity
Maximum Kick Intensity
Increase in Casing Pressure due to Kick Penetration
Lube Increment
Mud Increment
Time To Penetrate Kick
Bullheading Pressure Schedule from End of Tubing to Top of Perforation (psi per required strokes)
Bullheading Pressure Schedule From Surface to End of Tubing (psi per required strokes)
Bullheading Volume
Maximum End of Tubing Surface Pressure When KWM at End of Tubing
Maximum Final Surface Tubing Pressure when KWM at Perforation
Maximum Initial Surface Pressue
Balance Point of Filled Pipe (Snubbing)
Balance Point of Unfilled Closed-End Pipe (Snubbing)
Effective Area of Snubbing Jacks
Maximum Down Force on Jacks
Snub Force

Drill String

Tensile Capacity of Drill String


Balance Cement Plug Above Retainer
Squeeze Below Retainer and Balance Cement Plug Above Retainer
Balance Cement Plug Inside Casing and Above Cement Retainer
Open Hole Kick off Plug with Stringer in the old casing stump
Open Hole Kick off Plug with Stringer NOT in the old casing stump
Surface Kick off Plug with Stringer in the old casing stump

Download the file here ->  Drilling-formulas-Calculation-sheet-Version-1.7

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