Drilling or Connection Ton-Miles

Drilling or Connection ton-miles is  ton-miles of work in drilling operations. These are the actual ton-miles of work in drilling down the length of a section of drill pipe, usually around +/- 31 ft, plus picking up, connecting, and starting to drill again. In order to figure out connection or drilling ton-miles, it takes 3 times of ton-miles for current round trip minus ton-miles for previous round trip. The formula for calculating drilling ton mile is listed below;

Td = 3 x (T2 – T1)
Td = Ton-miles for drilling
T2 = Ton-miles for one round trip of last depth before coming out of hole.
T1 = Ton-miles for one round trip of first depth that drilling is started.

Please determine drilling tome-miles from 8000 ft to 9000 ft.
Ton-miles for trip @ 9000 ft = 230
Ton-miles for trip @ 8000 ft = 195
Td = 3 x (T2 – T1)
Td = 3 x (230 – 195)
Td = 3 x 35
Td = 105 ton-miles
Download the Excel sheet for calculating drilling or connection ton-mile.

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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