Drillingformulas.com last post of this year 2011

This is my last post of this year 2011. First of all, we would like to thank you everyone who read this blog and we enjoy sharing oilfield knowledge very much. During this year 2011, we posted several articles in many aspects of drilling as drilling formulas, well control, drilling operationoilfield book review, etc. However, we still have a problem with our web hosting from time to time and we just order a new virtual private sever. Hopefully, the technical problem like this will not be happened in the future.

As you might not know, we have three websites regarding oilfield.

Drilling Formulas – https://www.drillingformulas.com

Drilling Mud – http://www.drilling-mud.org/

Petroleum Engineering Information – http://www.petroleum-engineering.net/

What will we do for the next year 2012?

We have been discussing about our goal for next year and this is what will be happening.

Well control articles – well control equipment (BOP), complication, well control technique (lubricate and bleed, volumetric, etc)

Drilling hydraulics articles

Additional drilling formulas and sample calculations

Application of drilling formulas spread sheet – we will show the example on how to use the drilling formulas spread sheet into real drilling operation.

Oil field dictionary – we are working on it now and we should have this website done in few weeks. This part we need your input to help grow the oil field wording too because only our team may not be able to collect all the meaning.

Free oil field dictionary program

Free stuck pipe e-book

Free petroleum engineering schools hand book

Drilling waste management

Drilling operation useful tips

Useful oilfield spread sheet

Oilfield book review

Additional petroleum engineering schools

Please feel free to give us feedback or suggestions in any aspects so we can use it to improve our website.

Wish you have good heath, wealthy and all best with you. See you next year 2012.

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  1. basit Fida says:

    yes you must provide some videos related this field.

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