Enchova Central Blowout Oilfield Disaster

Learning from the past oilfield disaster will help you realize about well control, safety management, etc which you can apply to mitigate the future catasrophe. Today, we would like to share the information about Enchova Central which blown out years ago. This is very good information for everybody.

The Enchova Central platform, which was the place where two big catastrophies occurred was situated in the Campos Basin close to Rio de Janeiro and was administered by Petrobras. The initial incident was on August 16, 1984, when there was fire and an explosion. Most of the people and personnel at the time of the incident were saved with a helicopter or lifeboat. However, 42 workers lost their life in this catastrophe.

It was the most consequential and grave occurrence when there was an issue in the functioning of the lowering mechanism of a lifeboat due to which there was a malfunction with the bow hook. Consequently, the lifeboat was left hanging vertically till there was a rupture in the stern support and following this the lifeboat drowned 10 to 20m to the sea, which resulted in the death of 36 personnel. Around 6 personnel lost their lives on trying to jump 30 or 40m from the platform to the sea.

The next catastrophe took place about 4 years after the first incident on April 24, 1988, which caused havoc and completely wrecked the platform. When the well was being converted from oil to gas, there was an explosion. The BOP failed to shut in the well and all the efforts of destruction of the well were unsuccessful. At the time of the explosion and fire, drillpipe was forcibly extracted from the well and it hit a platform leg which triggered ignition of gas from the blast. The fire on platform then charred and burned for about a month and this caused substantial blow to the topside structure. A floating hotel was right adjacent to the Enchova Central, luckily during the explosion and hence there were no casualties and a safe evacuation. Following this incident, the platform was 100% rendered futile and there was a major loss. Then, there was a new facility for the purpose of restoring the place and the function was successfully rendered in a year and a half.

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    Safety mitigation and exercise to keep readiness & way to reduce escalation are very important

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