Floating Drilling Power Point Presentation from Texas AM

I’ve got the excellent presentation in the topic of Floating Drilling from Texas AM. This is very useful for many people in the drilling business.

Please check out the following links to download them.


Offshore Drilling


Floating Drilling


Station Keeping



Wellheads and Casing for floating drilling



The Drilling Riser


Motion Compensation


Motion Compensation Part 2


Motion Compensation Part 3



Special Problems and Rigs



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4 Responses to Floating Drilling Power Point Presentation from Texas AM

  1. duli357 says:

    hey thnks for sharing

    but i think TAMU has blocked access to its directory externally

    so not able to download

    can u upload some where and then post link here ??

    thnks for all

  2. Pham Hieu says:

    I can not download it.

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