Geological Description Part 1

It is very important to understand what geological description used in oil filed business. Hence, I collect the geological description from the book in order to be your reference and you will be able to understand meaning of each photo describing type of rock.

lime stone = Limestone (Ls)

dolomite and shalk = Dolomite&Chalk (Dol & Chk)

chert = Chert (Cht)

Limestones, Dolomite and Chalk are formed from large deposit of calcium carbonate (calcite) and calcium magnesium (dolomite).

gypsum = Gypsum & Anhydrite (Gyp & Anhy)

salt = Salt (Sa)

Gypsum, Anhydrite and Salt are composed of minerals precipitated from solution during evaporation of water.

basement = Basement (Bm)

volcanic = Volcanics (Volc)

Basement and Volcanics are formed from the cooling of molten magma.

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