Halliburton Red eBook App – It is a Useful App for Oilfield Personnel

The Halliburton Redbook (Figure 1) is a very useful for oilfield people because it contains a lot of useful information as tubular/drill pipe data, cementing information, some oilfield calculation, etc.

Halliburton Red Book

Figure 1 – Halliburton Red Book

Nowadays, you can have another option to have this book by installing the Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile (Figure 2) in your smart phone or tablet.  It will make your life a lot easier.

 Halliburton eRedBook

Figure 2 – Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile


What can Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile help you?

There are four main parts (Figure 3) which are Dimension & Strengths, Tub/Cas/Pipe in Hole, Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing and Capacity.


Figure 3 – Main parts of this app

Dimension and Strength

In this part, you can get the dimension and strength of casing, tubing, drill pipe and coil tubing.  For instance, you can input information required for casing as OD, weight, ID and grade (Figure 4) and you will get the technical detail of pipe you need (Figure 5).


Figure 4 – Input Casing Information


Figure 5 – Technical Information

Tub/Cas/Pipe in Hole

This section will give you volume and capacity between pipe and hole (Figure 6 and Figure 7) and you can also add % excess into the system as well.

Figure-6-TubCasPipe in Hole

Figure 6 – Tub/Cas/Pipe in Hole

Figure-7-TubCasPipe in HoleResult

Figure 7 – Tub/Cas/Pipe in Hole Result

Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing

This section, Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing, (Figure 8) will give you annular volume and annular capacity based on casing depth, inner OD and outer ID of assigned tubular (Figure 9 and Figure 10).

 Figure-8-TubCasPipe in Casing

Figure 8 – Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing

 Figure-9-TubCasPipe in Casing-input

Figure 9 – Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing Input

Figure-10-TubCasPipe in Casing-result

Figure 10 – Tub/Cas/Pipe in Casing Result


This section (Figure 11) will determine capacity of tubular. You input information required (Figure 12) and the app will show you results (volume and capacity) in several units (Figure 13).


Figure 11 – Capacity


Figure 12 – Input Information To Determine Capacity


Figure 13 – Results of Capacity


The Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile also allows uses to configure several options (Figure 14) such as unit of measurement, configure results, etc.



Figure 14 – Options

Conclusion: This application is specially made for oilfield workers. You can find the information less than a minute and the app will also accurately calculate some important figures for you. Additionally, it is totally FREE. This is highly recommended.

Where to Download

The application is available in IOS and Android system and the following links are the download links.

IOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halliburton-eredbook-mobile/id507496941?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Andriod – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.halliburton.corp.eredbook

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  1. Joseph Xavier says:

    Good app, provide similar for Well Control and Excel Formula & Calculations too

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    This company always doing smart stuff… Thanks for sharing this file.

  3. Nyein Chan says:

    I want to request one app for andriod that is Halliburton Red Book App.I can’t down load in the google play store because of my country is not available, MYANMAR.So, can anyone help me? please sent this (vipofdawei@gmail.com) g mail adress.

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