How To Determine Seriousness of Drops Incident By Using the Drops Calculator

Drop incident is one of the worst incidents in oil and gas industry and DROPS is a company which comes up with the Drops Calculator.

For example, you want to know what the potential hazard classification should be if 3 lb of object drops from 15 ft height. This is the Excel based program that gives you a benchmark about the classification of the potential consequences of a dropped object.

Drops Calculator FB

Let’s take a look how to use it

First of all, please download the DROPS calculator here –

Ref –

You will receive Then unzip the file and you will get
Dropped Object Consequence Calculator – Nov 2011.xlsm

If you see the screen like this (Figure 1), you can click “Enable Editing”.

Figure 1 - Enable Editing

Figure 1 – Enable Editing

You need to “Enable Content” in order to run a macro for this file.

Figure 2 - Enable Macro

Figure 2 – Enable Macro

Input parameters of dropped object. For this example, the dropped object weight is 3 lb and it drops from 15 ft height. The incident classification is Minor.

Figure 3 – object 3lb drops from 15 ft height

Figure 3 – object 3lb drops from 15 ft height

You can select unit of weight between lb and kg and unit of height between ft and m.

Note – Four classifications are as follows according to DROPS;

SLIGHT – A First Aid Case. No or limited injury. Treatment may be limited to first aid.

MINOR – A Recordable Incident. A Work-related injury that does not involve death, day(s) away from work, restricted work or job transfer, and where the employee receives medical treatment beyond first aid.

MAJOR – A Lost Time Incident (LTI). Non-fatal traumatic injury that causes any loss of time from work beyond the day or shift it occurred. Also referred to as Day Away From Work Case (DAFWC).

FATALITY – Death resulting from an injury or trauma.

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