How to Free Stuck Pipe Caused by Pack off / Bridging

If you already know that the stuck pipe is caused by wellbore geometry, the following instructions are guidelines on how to free the stuck drill string.


What should you do to free the stuck pipe caused by Pack off / Bridging?

  • Circulate with low flow rate (300 – 400 psi pumping pressure). It is very important to apply low flow rate because if high flow rate is applied, the stuck situation becomes worse.
  • If the drill string gets stuck while moving up or with the string in static condition, jar down with maximum trip load and torque can be applied into drill string while jarring down. DO NOT JAR UP. Be cautious while applying torque, do not exceed make up torque.
  • On the other hand, if the drill string gets stuck while moving down, jar up with maximum trip load. DO NOT apply torque in the drill string while jarring up.
  • To free the string, jarring operation may take a long time (10 hours +) so please be patient.

What should you do after the string becomes free?

  • Increase flow rate and circulate to clean wellbore at maximum allowable flow rate. Flow rate must be more than cutting slip velocity in order to transport cuttings effectively.
  • Reciprocate and rotate while circulating to improve hole cleaning ability. Work the drill string with full stand if possible.
  • Ensure that the wellbore is clean prior to continuing the operation. You can see from the sale shaker whether the hole is clean or not.
  • Sweep may be utilized to improve hole cleaning.
  • Back ream or make a short trip through the area where it caused the stuck pipe issue.

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12 Responses to How to Free Stuck Pipe Caused by Pack off / Bridging

  1. fahmilafi says:

    HI WHY we dont apply torque while jarring up ??? thanks

  2. fahmilafi says:

    Thanks DrillingFormula

  3. Danny Flett says:

    Was wondering if you had a rule of thumb techniques/template to free stuck pipe on a service rig, threaded pipe job?

  4. nidal says:

    thanks and your effort is highly appreciated.

  5. Uleh Jimmy says:

    Hello, we just experience hole pack off in one of our wells and this is the third time this is happening in the same field and similar depth. The formation is overpressured, kindly asisst.

  6. piyush kant sushama says:

    For the over pressurized formation , can you suggest more.
    piyush k sushama

  7. Sounds like you do not have the proper mud weight in the hole.

  8. assylbek says:

    Hello, we just experience hole pack off in one of our legs//////

  9. Nasser says:

    Thanks for u

  10. oilman says:

    Hi..i want to know how to free stuck up…while drilling it happened,moreover it’s highly pressurized coal..string is on bottom…probably cave in and bridging…what to do…plz help..

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