IWCF Well Control Quizzes

My friend just sent me the very useful well control stuff again. This time is the IWCF well control quizzes by Transocean which use to train their people. The well control quizzes each contain 25 questions and are grouped into related topic areas ranging from fairly basic knowledge through to some of the harder calculations that supervisors may come across in their IWCF exam.

There are a total of 8 modules as follows:

1. Basic knowledge in well control

2. Basic pressure (hydrostatic pressure)

3. Warning signs and shut in

4. Shut in conditions

5. Volume and MAASP (Maximum Allowable Anticipated Surface Pressure)

6. Well control methods

7. Some tricky well control questions

8. Subsea well control questions

If you are interested in these handy well control quiz, please click at the image or the link below


Additional information: IWCF stands for The International Well Control Forum which is an oil industry Membership Organization established in Europe in 1992. Its primary purpose is to develop and administer well control certification programs for personnel employed in oil well Drilling, Workover and Well Intervention operations.


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17 Responses to IWCF Well Control Quizzes

  1. Karim boushaba says:

    I’m very interesting to learn more about well control, Think for every body to shear in formation in this web site.

    kind regards

  2. Ross says:

    The link does not work.

  3. Ross says:

    many thanks 🙂 works this time.

  4. Rahul says:

    Loved this IWCF material

  5. Djamel says:

    Thanks a lot for the great job you are doing.

  6. BARRY says:

    I want to be trained as a full drilling ambassador and a good reliable professional, in drilling, I love drilling, it makes me think very fast and attends to issues promptly. Just help me furnish me with useful tips. .thanks

  7. BARRY says:

    Keep doing this good job for our future, may almighty GOD rewards you and your team .

  8. Hamed says:

    Thank you so much. It was very useful.

  9. Pedro Junior says:

    I want to get more instruction on well cased well control.
    Thank your help.

  10. Karwan says:

    Great materials .Really appreciated your guys

  11. slim says:

    Good work…what’s about Casing design,calculator sheet for Collapse,burst and tensile, in breif a casing design excel sheet if available…
    i’ll be so gratiful for help

  12. Abdurazag Gashout says:

    I did exam in IWCF ON 28-Nov-2013 & I passed successfully . I am asking about if is there
    stronger course called Management well control course ? please feed me back with good news about this course because I would like to join to this course in my country Libya . please give full detail about this course , thanks …. with my best regards.

    A.Gashout 20 – December – 2013
    Drilling section supervisor ( A )
    Waha oil company

  13. Amgad Siddig says:

    I like this site to learning more about the well control to get it more experience for drilling problems.

  14. Naghi says:

    Hi to All

    Does any one have IWCF-well intervention sample questions as I am preparing for same, will be appretiate if share them. Thanks

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