Leaving Time Calculator for Oilfield Personnel

I’ve got a very funny Excel spreadsheet – Leaving Time Calculator for Oilfield Personnel. Basically, the file will plot a hump curve showing where you are in your working hitch.

Figure 1 - Leave Calculator

Figure 1 – Leave Calculator

What you need to input?

Date Joined Rig – the format is Date-Month-year.

Trip Length – how many day on the rig as per your schedule.

Figure 2 - Input Required Data

Figure 2 – Input Required Data

Optional Input – You can change Location/Vessel

Figure 3 - Optional Input

Figure 3 – Optional Input

As per the data, you complete almost 72% and you are downhill now.

Some screenshots of various timelines are shown below;

Figure 4 - Sample1

Figure 4 – Sample#1

Figure 5- Sample2

Figure 5– Sample#2


If you like it, check this out – https://oilfieldmania.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/leaving-time-calculator-for-oilfield.xls


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  1. mabrook says:

    that’s nice application thanks

  2. Billy Dugas says:

    How do you load the time calculator?

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