Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

You need to watch this VDO. In just few seconds, the incident was occurred because the driller did not turn off a mud pump before breaking out the connection.

What Went Wrong?

– The driller did not pay attention to the operation.
– Stored energy of hydraulic pressure

How Can We Prevent This Situation?

– Raise awareness of people working on the rig
– Always check the pump status before starting any operation
– People working on the rig floor are required to check the pipe to see if the flow still continues
– Use a pneumatic mud bucket
– Watch out for each other

What Do You Think on How To Prevent This?



Please feel free to give us any ideas.

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18 Responses to Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

  1. Kris Whipple says:

    Worm ass driller never shut pumps off… checked stand pipe pressure…or opened bleed off.


    • Mohamed Ali says:

      I think we have to follow the procedures:
      1-Stop rotation
      2-Raise kelly(or TDS) +/- 2 feet above rotary(no tool joint across any PIPE RAMS(be sure the string is free)
      3-Stop the pump(S)
      4-Check the pressure and bleed off
      5- Close kelly cock (lower) or (TDS Hyd. valve)
      6-Disconnect for connection(please minimise the connection time)

  3. Peter says:

    Accident happen. Fix a pneumatic bleed-off valve on the flow line manifold some where on the rig flòor which can be operated from the drillers cabin so the internal string pressure is always bleed-off before a connection is broken. Even a failed float valve can probably result in something similar. A revolving light to get everyone’s attention that the flow line is under pressure.

  4. alex says:

    driller must consider in times of out pipeline, release pressure accumulated in the line, once you stop slurry pumps, gang workers are key operations to decipher the errors, the driller should not be entertained by another worker at the time of the operation to remove pipes, must meet safety standards.

  5. What happened to that man??? That was irresponsible

  6. Antonio says:

    Wow, That was intense. !

  7. Feras mahmoud says:

    Should be all mud pumps off and make sure is no pressure in the Lins or stand pipe manifold .

  8. Berkah Jaya says:

    Before connection is done, the Driller need to turn off mud pump, and bleed off drill pipe…He need to ensure that drill pipe pressure is zero.

  9. David says:

    Driller should always look at pump guage before he breaks connection to make sure he or she has kicked the pumps out or if it’s a power rig that the clutch is fully disengaged. Always look a gauges.

  10. G Ferioli says:

    open the stand pipe blead off valve before broking the joint

  11. Jorge Pinal says:

    Might add There is no eye contact with any of all four guys at the drill flor…. going “thru the motions” making it too mechanically.
    Pump gauge at the stand pipe should be visible to all members of the drill floor and train to watch for essentials signs !
    Make a Programm of Competency and awareness.

  12. CHARIFI says:

    Always don’t breaking out before check pressure,

  13. Andy says:

    Only people who have been Drillers, yes Drillers, would understand this situation and the concentration sometimes that goes on in a driller mind. The guy made a mistake, human error and although the situation looks quite serious it was a mistake, the guy is probably an experienced Driller and nothing like this has happened before if not that’s a different story. What should you do with this guy….. give him some help – why did this happen, looks like a change has taken place something out of the ordinary ? You have a tool-pusher there to the right of the driller he’s not very observant, do they have a pump pressure gauge facing the drill floor to encourage floor-men to understand the importance of what they do, most of the comments made are obvious what a Driller should have done but he made a mistake. this should not be a blame thing it should be a learning thing The guy is not a five minute Driller he new where the pump rheostats were in the dark.

    • Mohamed Ali says:

      Thank you Mr ANDY,
      I agree with you in some points.Our subject is the concentration and the company(Drilling Formulas.Com) need to hi-light this incident before getting the catastrophe and we should be “lucky” to learn from this driller mistake.he could be a good driller but with negligence or with no concentration as his mind preoccupied by his pretty girl friend the innocent(envirenment) arround him should not be the victim to pay an expensive facture.

  14. Li Kejin says:

    First let’s say it’s the wrong order from driller, but watching and thinking about what happened, any issues happened should had phenonament. Each guy around there should keep concentrated in the operation. Should had mud spray from the connection once drilling string been broken up by power tongs with the pump still on or any pressure from guage, that maybe shouldnot occured if anyone had found this and shouted and reminded driller to power off the pump in time. Anyway need each one’s concentration as well as drillers in the working enviroment.

  15. Rob Kennedy says:

    A routine procedure needs to be established where the same person does the same job every connection.If the driller had the same hand open the bleed off every connection he could have caught the error. Rigs need procedures and procedures must be followed. A simple checklist to follow is aso very helpful. Something like a pilots preflight list, pumps off – check, pressure off – check, slips set – check, etc.

  16. augustin says:

    Driller must patient ….dnot rush …..

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