North America and Canada Oil and Gas Job Opportunities Boom

With the development of industries such as shale rock, tar sands, and deep water drilling in the United States and Canada, the oil and gas industry in North America has been booming. It is predicted that the U.S. oil production could outpace Saudi Arabia and that North America could become an exporter of energy across the globe. Since this industry is still being developed there are countless open positions from construction to the production of oil and gas itself.

Historically the United States has always had a shortage of labor. The country’s economic output is always greater than its ability to recruit the skilled labor that is needed to keep up with demand for US goods and services. This is why the United States has always required immigration to provide the labor. Most Americans have a negative birth rate, and without young people, industry cannot keep up.

This is why the oil and gas industry is paying handsomely to those people who wish to get into this sector. There simply aren’t enough people to go around in order to get the job done. The energy sector is short on almost every form of skilled and unskilled position. They need truck drivers, equipment operators, and construction workers. They need accountants, geologists, project managers, etc. The problem is that they can’t recruit skilled help fast enough.

If you are considering a career change, now might be a real good time to enter into the oil and gas industry. Here are a few pointers that will help you make this change a success. First of all, you should consider moving to a place that is producing oil. Now this can be a little scary because you would have to leave your job and home and then move a strange area such as the Dakotas with the hope that you might find a job. However, this does show the companies that you are committed and they are more inclined to hire you if they don’t have to worry about relocation.

You need to be prepared to take entry-level positions. There is plenty of opportunity for advancement later, but if you aren’t willing to start at the bottom and work up, then you are disqualifying yourself for the better paying jobs down the road. Nobody is going to put you in charge of expensive equipment or a project until they know that you can be trusted to do the job correctly. Oil and gas production is highly specialized and is hazardous. You need to understand what you are doing first before moving up.

Lastly, be prepared to work for smaller contractors and get dirty. Most oil companies sub-contract out work to smaller businesses. It’s usually easier to get your foot in the door in the smaller contractors. Also bear in mind that oil production is dirty. You need to be willing to work around smells, fires, tar, and dirt. It’s just simply part of the gig!

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  1. mustafa says:

    After greeting …
    I am petroleum engineer from Iraq, I want to work in the international oil companies and the best work in Canada or the United States … with appreciation

  2. rakshith says:

    Please find me a entry level job in a very much need the job.awaiting for ur favourable reply

  3. piyush k sushama says:

    i am basically a mechanical engineering graduate , having 32 years of experience in drilling field and other associated fields
    like field development etc. My daughter , who is stationed at Philadelphia, am interested in getting some job. Please suggest.

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