Offshore Crane Failure Case Study

Offloading equipment from a supply boat is one of the normal lifting operations for offshore rig. Therefore, it is very imperative to follow safety work practices while working with the crane. Crane operators have the responsibility to work with the crane safely. Before any lifting operation, a pre job safety meeting with all crew must be conducted and the plan must be clearly explained to the crew. A banksman will be only one dedicated people to give the signal to the crane operator. While lifting, there must be no one underneath the crane because anything can happen even though a crane is properly inspected.

This video is very good example to learn about the offshore crane failure. The operation was to lift the subsea well head off the boat to the rig. The crane operator picked up the wellhead from the boat. Unfortunately, the crane did not properly function and it resulted in failure. The crane bloom was damaged and fell into the sea. We strongly believe that nobody got hurts from this situation.

What we can learn from this crane failure incident.

  • Be aware of any mechanical failure by staying away from the line of fire, dropped zone, etc.
  • Keep good work practice
  • Do not stay in an area where there is no place to run away

These are some good documents about the crane safely which you can study.

Lifting & hoisting safety recommended practice by The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers 

Offshore oil and gas safety II by OSHAcademy

Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations by MSF

Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations by API

We wish that this learning will help you get more understanding about the crane hazard and we strongly believe that this can be applied in any operation.

Safety is our value.

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  1. Tinwala says:

    For Safety use RANGERS safety shoes

  2. Amjad says:

    That is very important to send us each incident or accident which related to oil field operation
    But if possible to send ASAP all reports which related to onshore operations
    Many thanks for your efforts

  3. Mohammed Fawaz says:

    thank you

  4. Arabindra Dutta says:

    Lots of thanks for sharing incident with us

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