Oil Rig Tile Puzzle Jigsaw Android App Game

Oil Rig Tile Puzzle is a puzzle Android app which has various images of oil drilling rig both onshore and offshore. You can enjoy playing this app and be able to see spectacular photos of oil rig. This application is fit for all player age and it is very good for oilfield people and their families.



Link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funappdev.oilrigtilepuzzle

Feature of this application:

This tile puzzle game has three levels as follows;

– Easy = it is 3 x 3 puzzle.

– Medium = it is 4 x 4 puzzle.

– Hard = it is 5 x 5 puzzle.


How To Play

–  Tab and move the puzzle part to the right location.

– You need to complete each level before the time is up.

– You will able to play the next level one the current level is completed.

– You can come back and play the same level again once you win these levels.

These are some pictures from this app.




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  1. Rob Elder says:

    I am looking for spread sheets for drilling fluids, cementing and waste management

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